Saint Tropez – The place to party

During the day St Tropez is a blur of bougainvillea, blue sea, and sunshine – making it a dream backdrop for frolicking in Channel bikinis and free pouring the Cristal at some of the hottest beach clubs in town. When the sun sinks, this side of the French Riviera lights up with A list celebrities, the hottest seasonal fashion, and some of the most elite clubs in Europe. Indulgence doesn’t come finer than in the foray of St Tropez – here are the most exclusive places to party for those seeking a splash of glitz in their club scene…

Les Caves du Roy

Les Caves du Roy the most famous club in France

The number one nightclub in the whole of France has easily clung to its title for the past forty years. Once upon a time Les Caves Du Roy was kitsch central but a recent makeover took the decision to tone it down a little and create a more oriental east meets west type of vibe. The resident DJ Jack E knows how to turn the tables for the stars – ensuring celebrities of the highest caliber – think Beyonce can often be seen sashaying on the dancefloor. The sultry summer nights go on forever as the doors only open at the stroke of midnight and kicking out starts at 6am. Dress in your best to make it past the very picky doormen.

VIP Room

Johnny Depp Hanging With Friends VIP Room Photo Credit Richard Ballak

Coming in close behind Les Caves is the VIP room – whose title name alone should deliver a clue as to what world class patrons can expect. As the sunset starts to flame in the sky – the club starts the night as an ambient high class Mediterranean restaurant. After the plates are cleared the VIP room turns into one of the hottest clubs in town. Moody purples and greens blaze throughout the night and the time ticks’ closer to midnight you can expect plenty of beautiful people swarming the brightly lit dancefloor. The music leans towards throbbing house and techno ensuring a sense of surrealism especially in the early hours.


Paris Hilton partying it up Papagayo Photo Credit

Since the 60’s this club has been a legendary whisper on the white sands of St Tropez. Papagayo forms the third part of the illustrious trio making this spot in France so famous with those who love to party. Papagayo is said to be the most untamed spot to wile away the night with a generous helping of illicit behavior that would make the paparazzi go wild. With an interior inspired by vintage Hollywood and one of the most divine terraces in the whole of St Tropez – it’s no wonder that Papagayo draws in the ‘it’ crowd with its future inspired dance floor and A listers unleashing their feral side.

Le Quai

Everyone adores superyacht views at Le Quai

From Forbes to Fortune – everyone adores Le Quai as it seems to capture that quintessential French Riviera vibe. Perhaps it’s the hot under the collar real estate that the beautiful bar occupies (overlooking the iced white superyachts lined up along the marina), or maybe it’s the sublime sushi, the mesmerizing fashion model clientele, or the Indonesian inspired interior that makes it so famous. Whatever the reason Le Quai is a must for pre-club drinks or dinner and if you can’t bear to tear yourself away – you can stay all night.

La Sauvageonne

Vogue’s favorite for a pre-party cocktail far from prying eyes

Vogue recently pitted this relaxed tropical bar Le Sauvageonne as the place for a pre-party cocktail and we must agree. After soaking up the sun all day, there is something cool and breezy about laid back bamboo furnishing, a killer mixologist, and lots of lush vegetation. Plus, for guests who prefer to avoid run ins with the press or drawing attention at the larger than life venues – this gorgeous little bar is just the right helping of elusive and exclusive.

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