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Who Is Our Audience?

Our audience is high net worth individuals, wealthy luxury buyers. At the pinnacle are actual yacht owners—the elite who define the yachting lifestyle.  A lifestyle characterized by all of the elements that surround yachting—destinations, private jet travel, exclusive events (F1 auto racing), etc.

Secondarily our audience are the people who aspire to the yachting lifestyle who consume high–end fashion, luxury autos, real estate and travel

What Do We Offer?

We offer ACCESS…….The yachting lifestyle is comprised of products, services sought out and available to only the 1%. For them money is no object, it’s all about uniqueness and exclusivity. The owner of a 10M 20M or 200M dollar yacht desires only the very best in its build. We know and have relationships with companies that provide these products. Our target audience has access to these individuals through us.

For companies in the yachting industry offering luxury products and services, we provide access to a well defined qualified pool of prospects that will allow them to leverage their association with the ultimate luxury experience to grow their business beyond the yachting industry.

Our content conveys the full yachting lifestyle experience with family and friends, on an exploration to destinations they’ve never encountered.  But because this experience is really a journey, we begin by creating online experiences that help visualize the end.

Where Are We?

While we are based in Portland, Oregon, we are everywhere that the yachting lifestyle can be—365 days a year.  We bring our audience an insider’s view to the yachting lifestyle. We are present at major events, we are experiencing destinations and most of all we are sharing these experiences online and in social media.  This brings the experience closer to our audience.

When Do People Connect?

People connect with us through our inspirational content via our social media channels.  When they want a deeper insider’s view to the lifestyle of the world’s elite, they access our unique authoritative content on our website.

Why Do People Connect?

Because they want access to an exclusive lifestyle.  Because they are voyeuristic and aspire to be like those at the top of the luxury food chain.  In a world of consumption and opulence, this lifestyle is a badge that few can lay claim to.  Just as Bentley trumps Mercedes and Rolex trumps Richard Mille, a yachting experience trumps all other high end experiences.

How Do We Do Business?

We are a media company that opens up minds to this possibility—first through targeted social media campaigns, then through deep engagement on our website.  We capture the luxury yachting lifestyle through destination suggestions and the general aura that surrounds the lifestyle.  We are concierges opening providing suggestions and help along the way.  We are guides on a journey taken by our audience. Come join us on this journey


Editor in Chief

Yachting Lifestyle 365

Steve C Johnson

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