From the air, the British Virgin Islands appear as an idyllic archipelago, peeking peacefully above tranquil shades of aquamarine blue, completely ringed with bright, white, sugar sand. From the deck of your private luxury yacht charter, the BVI proves even more inviting, welcoming with incredible geography and epic island hangouts. You won’t need a tuxedo here, but extra swimwear and a few pairs of rubbadem are essential, as casual is the height of fashion in the islands.

Nothing is more enjoyable, nor more memorable, than a bashment on the beach, mehson. And, nowhere in the world does a party have the flavor the British Virgin Islands. Prepare to indulge in a most welcoming, laid back explore of the BVI’s pretty peaks and beaches from your sumptuous private yacht. Guaranteed, you will experience an unwind here far beyond what was previously  thought possible.

Day 1: Tortola is a fabulous initiation to this blissful week. With all the elements of a city, yet little of the stress, there are delightful diversions dotting the island. As the BVI’s main island, Tortola sets the stage, echoing historic steps of Christopher Columbus, Sir Frances Drake, and notable pirates and privateers including the infamous Blackbeard. Settle into your plush digs on board the yacht, then switch to island casual attire for a leisurely tour, perhaps taking in a little sample at the Callwood Rum Distillery, stopping by the Ample Hamper in Road Town for fine wine and packaged culinary treats, and picking up some of the colorful Caribbean stamps at the post office on Main Street. Finish with dinner at the Brandywine Estate on the south end of the island. Lobster & fennel salad, seafood amuse bouche, superb local catch, and a beautiful view are yours for the taking. For an historic evening, dine by candlelight at the Sugar Mill, or order up an elegant repast at The Dove.

Peters Island Resort Day Spa

Day 2: After a quick cruise to Peter Island, drop anchor for a swim and a snorkel at Honeymoon Beach, a romantic, private, small sneak of sand with beautiful surroundings. Then head into the Peter Island Resort for your spa appointment. The day spa menu at the Peter Island Resort is a luxurious blend of island ingredients with Ayurvedic treaments. Pampering guests with lavish treatments like a Tropical Lime & Ginger Buff, Fresh Coconut Rub, or Diamond Dust Massage, explore the full menu as you choose your escape.

Bitter End Yacht Club

Day 3: Cruising to Virgin Gorda, indulge in an epic swim in and around The Baths, ancient batholithic boulder formations, graced with crystalline, water-filled grottoes. Swim through the caves, and into some of the world’s most mesmerizing snorkeling reefs. Dine at the Bitter End Yacht Club, with sea-to-table delicacies in the Clubhouse, or prepare a private beach dinner, followed by a glamorous evening on board the yacht.

Anegada Flamingos

Day 4: Anegada is the northernmost of the British Virgins, departing from the volcanic origins of her sister islands. Resting atop a coral atoll, the island is flat, green, and colorful, as flocks of pink flamingoes find solace on the island’s interior salt ponds. Home to the largest coral reef in the Caribbean, opt to anchor out and tender in for beach browsing. Earn master status fishing for bonefish in the flats, or flyfishing for your dinner. Spend the evening on board the yacht, enjoying your catch prepared on board with a toast to the celestial show as the sun slips below the curve of the water.

Marina Cay BVI

Day 5: Marina Cay peeks up out of the brilliant blue lagoon, showing off its lush flowers amid deep green fauna. The pastoral lagoon with its calm, warm water is the perfect snorkeling destination, with large populations of colorful, tropical fish. Breeze through Pusser’s Rum general store, stocked with branded clothing, souvenirs, and of course, Pusser’s Rum. Stroll to the top of the island to the Robb White Bar for a sip and an post card view.

Soggy Dollar Bar

Day 6: Jost Van Dyke is best known for its extremely laid back atmosphere, typified by Ivan’s Stress Free Bar. Choose your items, look up the fees, and pay your bill, all on the honor system. Two famous cruise up beach and boat bars are truly iconic, and should be on your agenda for Caribbean fun. Foxy’s, for live music, Foxy’s Taboo Diamond Cay Bubbly Pool, or the Soggy Dollar Bar, so named for what happens as patrons wade in to find a perch at the bar, are all famous destinations. At the Soggy Dollar, a Painkiller is a mandatory rum experience.

Tortola Bay Hotel

Day 7: Cruise leisurely back to Tortola, drinking in the luxurious atmosphere of the islands. Lay back and enjoy the plush sun decks, pools, and lounge areas on board your private luxury yacht charter, as visions of your next yachting experience begin to take shape.