The Island of Flowers, as Martinique is known, presents a lush, culture-rich tour of the Windward islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Exploring her waters from the bow and beach deck of your own private yacht offers one of life’s most elegant pleasures.

Built of a longstanding French heritage and French-speaking population, this sumptuous island is a contemporary composite of multiple languages, cuisines, cultures, and geographic features. Just 43 miles long and 19 miles wide, the intricate coastline and diverse landscape provide unlimited opportunity for shore excursions, from the busy port capital at Fort de France, to the secluded and beautiful black volcanic sand beaches of the north.

This suggested itinerary around the island strikes a leisurely pose filled with exquisite beach stops and intriguing island features, but all who embark should be tempted to extend the trip to include exploration of nearby islands of St. Lucia, and perhaps even St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Set aside a little time to explore the Route des Rhums, visiting a few of the 11 distilleries on the island providing appellation d’origin controlee rhums of distinction.