Mahana, avae. fatia. Sun, moon, stars. In Tahiti, it seems that might be all one needs. Truly a tropical paradise, this archipelago stringing together the lush Society Islands in French Polynesia far exceeds even the most stunning photos of her lavish gifts.

Exploring the pleasures of Tahiti on your private luxury yacht charter further elevates the beauty of these amazing islands. One hundred and eighteen in all, each is a glorious collection of flora and fauna. Some are developed, most are uninhabited, but all are simply gorgeous.

Tahiti Destination

Set the course for your luxury yacht charter experience with one thing in mind: total and complete relaxation. Here’s just a hint of what lies ahead on a seven-day itinerary.

Day 1: Pape’ete: The main island and the port of entry, Pape’ete is the starting point for most itineraries. As soon as you’re settled on your private yacht, prepare to be pampered. A short cruise to the island of Moorea quickly immerses you into this blissful string of idyllic ports and points of interest.

Tahiti (7)

Day 2: Mo’orea: A small footprint of an island with a big heart, Moorea is a quiet paradise with a few spectacular peaks, one reaching up to nearly 4,000 ft. Surrounded by a gorgeous coral reef, and dotted with a range of authentic dining spots and globally known accommodations, the feel is still quite rural, with a glimpse into Tahitian life that’s placid and pastoral. With pineapple plantations on the hillsides, and women still printing pareaus with flowers to sell to the tourists, it’s a lovely stay in Cook’s Bay for snorkeling, fishing, or other water sports.

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Day 3: Huahine: Cruising over to Huahine, break out the gamefishing equipment and have a go for marlin or yellowfin. The long, leisurely day at sea will tuck you into the harbor in Huahine in time for a beautiful sunset and romantic dinner. Upon waking the next day, tender in to peek at the pearl market, spices, and other local local treasures, then explore the reefs and marine life rimming the coastline.

Tahiti (5)

Day 4: Taha’a: Another very short cruise takes you from Huahine to Taha’a. Although sparsely inhabited, the island produces crops of vanilla and coconut, delivering a heavenly scent to its delightful beaches, making for the perfect picnic spot after a short swim or snorkel, and gorgeous sunsets either from the beach or your private yacht.

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Day 5: Raiatea: Birthplace of the gods, and home to more pineapple and coconut plantations, Raiatea offers gorgeous waters for swimming, scuba, snorkeling, and fishing. Surrounded with motu, or small islets, pick one for your own and spend the day drinking in the beauty and the beach.

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Day 6: Bora Bora: An exquisite finale, the diving in Bora Bora is some of the best in the world. With an incomparable backdrop of the island, its lagoon, its lush hillsides, and abundant floral displays, this is simply one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Viewing this paradise from your private yacht presents a spectacular display any time of day, but particularly at sunset. Don’t forget to tender in for some luxurious shopping. Black and peacock pearls, perfumes, wood crafts, art, fashion, and jewels are all worthy pursuits. Dress to the nines for dinner at the La Villa Mahana, if you’re privileged with a reservation. Or do a more casual evening at Bloody Mary’s, a must stop for all who navigate these waters. Fresh fish and the best blend of tomato juice and vodka on the planet are featured here, along with a stream of international celebrities.

Day 7: Arise to a champagne breakfast on board, then pack up and return by air to Pape’ete.