As if it wasn’t enough that the French have been leading the way in culinary excellence for decades. Combine that with Mediterranean cooking tradition and what you get is truly unforgettable. Being located between the shores of Southern France and the west coast of Italy, Corsican cuisine combines the best of both worlds. Seafood-heavy menus are a delight, where the freshest ingredients are combined with aromatic herbs and ripe vegetables. Some of the best charcuterie in the world originates in Corsica, thus being able to enjoy it then and there is an opportunity not to be missed. You can’t wish for a more perfect dinner setting than here, where warm evenings with gentle Mediterranean wind accompany hours and hours of conversation over wine, food, and the most luxurious waterfront atmosphere you can imagine. Here are 5 restaurants you cannot miss, while staying in Corsica.

La Plage Casadelmar

Enjoying a beautiful waterfront setting, Le Plage Casadelmar gourmet restaurant is a part of a stunning boutique 5-star hotel and the restaurant’s terrace boasts views of a lovely white sand bay. The food is every bit as good as the view. Once you’ve enjoyed the beautiful landscape, a pathway leads through the pines to a beach bar shaded by large sheets of stretched canvas giving the space a modern feel which still feels true to its Mediterranean setting. Uncomplicated and unpretentious gourmet cuisine features the freshest ingredients and the most skilfull execution that impresses instantly. The market-inspired menu is all about excellent produce, signature Mediterranean flavours, and authentic spit-roasts.

Costa Marina

Located in the stunning Porto-Vecchio, the rustic restaurant-pizzeria Costa Marina sits mere 100 meters from Palombaggia beach offering a stunning setting for your unforgettable Corsican dinner. Grilled meats and fish from the restaurant’s menu are out of this world, and the wood-fired pizzas are also rather extraordinary, allowing you to taste the close proximity to the Italian coast and how this geographical aspect has left its mark on the Corsican cuisine. The spacious dining area and the outside terrace are absolutely charming leaving a feeling of authenticity and uncomplicated and relaxing atmosphere.

La Table by La Villa

Set within the 5-star hotel La Villa on the heights of Calvi, La Table restaurant embodies the sincerity that the Mediterranean cuisine is known for. With an Italian chef and a strong team, La Table delivers excellence that has gained Michelin acclaim. This hotel restaurant is a real gastronomic destination where Corsican and French-inspired dishes are made only with the finest local ingredients. Guests can enjoy fine weather and fantastic atmosphere dining al fresco, overlooking the infinity pool and further out the bay, the citadel, as well as the mountains.

Le Cabanon Bleu

Luxurious, enchanting, yet equally rugged with its traditionally Mediterranean rocky path leading up to the restaurant, this might not be the easiest place to get to but it is every bit worth the effort. Set in an oasis-like atmosphere with natural elements – blue water, white sand, green foliage – forming a part of the setting, it’s a real dining treasure in Corsica. With excellent food and to-die-for views, Le Cabanon Bleu is a place you will find yourself coming back to time and again. The menu features the best of the best Mediterranean flavors like a traditional fragrant foccacia but also features fascinating surprises like a refreshing ceviche with a regional twist. The selection of seafood and meat dishes is generous for a fine dining establishment, and we certainly wouldn’t skip on indulgent desserts.

Tra di Noi

Mediterranean dining is all about sharing – from small dishes to generous appetisers and charcuterie, there’s nothing quite like coming together with friends and family over beautiful food, especially if it is locally-sourced and prepared with love and understanding towards tradition. Tra di Noi, the gourmet restaurant at the 5-star hotel Misincu perfectly does all that while also delivering the experience in the most stunning setting – a beautifully decorated restaurant and bar in warm sand tones that are as rich as the Corsican coastline. The main role here is given to seafood, and understandably so. Enjoy some delicious rock lobster from Cap Corse, spider crabs, and octopus, with sea urchin featuring on the menu later in the season. When it comes to fish, there are fantastic options like denti, a sort of bass, as well as rock fish, like the red scorpion fish, which simply grilled over wood is absolute perfection.