A Pacific yacht charter is a voyage of dreams, offering some of the best yacht charter itineraries on the planet.

For those with the luxury of time, a leisurely trip through the Pacific makes for the best charter from Seattle, whether you’re striking out for the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, or further afield to exotic French Polynesia or tropical Fiji. The best yacht charter itineraries of the region promise a heady mix of sugar-white sands and crystal seas, dazzling marine life and a rich local culture, whether in the colourful pueblos and beach shacks of Mexico or in the hidden jungle villages of the remote South Pacific. Here are three of the best places to charter in the Pacific.

Sea of Cortez Yacht Charter

Those lucky enough to embark on a Sea of Cortez yacht charter will have the experience engraved on their hearts forever, as they cruise through vivid turquoise seas set against an immense backdrop of rolling desert, rugged mountains, and giant cacti standing guard on red sea cliffs.  Yet for all the grandeur of the scenery, guests will find it hard to look up from the water, where the mixing of temperate and warm waters have created an explosion of life so spectacular that Jacques Cousteau named this sea ‘the World’s Aquarium’.

Vast white-spotted whale sharks cruise through the Sea of Cortez almost year-round, and blue, grey and humpback whales gather to feed on tremendous plankton blooms. Manta rays soar out of the water against golden sunsets, huge pods of dolphins play in the yacht’s wake, and sea lion colonies bark and waddle on endless beaches. The epic game fishing for marlin and tuna will attract charter guests to the town of La Paz, where haciendas are framed by palm trees and pink hibiscus, and where local life takes place in the cathedrals and bustling plazas.

French Polynesia Yacht Charter

The words ‘French Polynesia’ conjure up images of desert islands where coconut palms bend down to kiss the blue-green sea, and overwater bungalows perch above dazzling lagoons. The reality is even more spectacular, making French Polynesia one of the best yacht charter itineraries on earth.

On the endlessly romantic islands of Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea, you’ll pass your days on charter snorkelling and diving in lagoons beneath ancient volcanoes and swimming in sparkling waterfalls in the jungle. Ultra-luxury hotels are scattered along the coast where you can fine-dine in swanky French restaurants and be pampered in overwater spas with glass floors, watching tropical fish swim underneath.

If you want a more quiet yacht charter experience in French Polynesia, set your course for Marquesas archipelago, where village life continues much as it has for millennia, and outrigger canoes traverse the tranquil lagoons beneath lush green mountains.

Fiji Yacht Charter

For those dreaming of adventures in far-flung lands, the 333 tropical islands of Fiji make for one of the best charters from Seattle. This exquisite island chain promises the pure South Pacific idyll: waving palms and sugar-white beaches, thundering waterfalls and happy village children playing in sapphire lagoons.

On charter in Fiji you might white-water raft down a river through the jungle, slide down vast sand dunes, surf perfect breaks, or gasp in wonder as you cruise through the spectacular limestone outcrops in the Bay of Islands. Fiji offers a huge range of exciting activities on land, from exploring dripping cave networks to hiking extinct volcanoes, while beneath the water lies some of the world’s finest soft coral dive sites. Luxury resorts promise pampering and gourmet experiences, while village kava ceremonies and eco-tours showcase the vibrant cultural and natural heritage of this stunning archipelago.

Floating through the Pacific on a superyacht is a true ‘bucket-list’ experience, offering the best yacht charter itineraries for adventurous souls.