Majestic, lush, and vivacious, St. Lucia is an island with huge personality. Many find her the ultimate destination, but those who know will use her as the start point for an unbelievably beautiful cruise around St. Vincent and through the Grenadines. Replete with mountains, an active volcano, lively “jump up” nightlife and stunning beaches, there is much to keep visitors entertained, but the incomparable experience of cruising point-to-point on board your private 100-foot yacht simply has no equal. If you have eight days to spare, this St. Lucia yacht charter itinerary guarantees one of the most spectacular holidays you’ve ever had the pleasure to experience.

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 Day 1: St. Lucia

The St. Lucia yacht charter itinerary begins with your arrival on the island. You can first get settled into your posh quarters on board the yacht, meeting crew and exploring the wonderful amenities on board your sleek, lushly-appointed craft. Head out for an evening of fine food and a local jump up celebration for dancing and music, then board the yacht for a smooth sleep.

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Day 2: Pitons, St. Vincent and Soufriere

With an early start, pass the Piton Mountains at the south end of St. Lucia as you head to St. Vincent, where anchorage will allow snorkeling, swimming, or tendering in to explore the cone of the Soufriere Volcano.

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Day 3: Bequia, Moonhole, Friendship Bay

Continue south to the old whaling village of Bequia, a stellar stop for divers, with a longstanding island history of boatbuilding. The Moonhole wreck rewards the curious with fascinating underwater images. Friendship Bay provides an exquisite spot for lunch and a swim.

Day 4: Mustique

Magical Mystique invites guests to an unspoiled private island, dangling the lure of the famous Basil’s Bar and the Firefly Martini Club, or perhaps dinner and cocktails at The Cotton Club, to entice on shore experiences. Hang out on Macaroni Beach for some spectacular sun and sparkling water, with an easy day of swimming, snorkeling, or walking the island on this star-studded island. Cruise the shore for a view of some of the Caribbean’s most luxurious villas.

 Day 5: Canouan’s Charleston Bay

Canouan sports the beautiful, reef-protected Charleston Bay, laying her treasures at your feet. Explore the beaches and review abundant wildlife, both above and below the waterline and make the most of your time enjoying all the yacht has to offer.

 Day 6: Tobago Cays

The wondrous, stepping-stone Tobago Cays, with a Marine Park behind the huge horseshoe reef, spreads four islands out for your exploration. Sea turtles, scuba diving, snorkeling, or just relaxing on board your glorious yacht, the scenery here is blissful.

 Day 7: Carriacou, White Island

From anchorage in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou shares a bright shoreline and beautiful beach with all who arrive. Explore the boatbuilders in Windward, or take a short ride over to White Island for total seclusion.

 Day 8: Grenada

Approaching the Island of Spice, enjoy every last moment on board en route to the marina on the island of Grenada. Disembarking, head into town for some shopping and dinner, or settle in to your hotel for the next day’s flight back to St. Lucia, or to your preferred destination. The exhales earned in the past week will keep your smile fresh and your memory clear, perhaps inspiring the plan for the return trip next year.