Corsica knows how to capture the mood of summer – boasting over 300 days a year of pure sunshine, a coast seemingly carved from gold and blue, and a suave French-meets-Italian flair – it’s a pleasure playground for yacht charters in the Mediterranean. Sitting southeast of the glitz and glamor of the French Riviera, and a stone’s throw from the island of Sardinia, the Corsican coast takes on a much more rugged approach than her more polished counterparts. From exploring golden Bonifacio and its endless maze of alleyways to lounging on the island’s secluded beaches and discovering layers of complex history, Corsica is the leisurely retreat of a lifetime.


Hotel La Signoria

Where to Stay

Hidden among vines and centuries-old trees, Hotel La Signoria embodies the heart and soul of Corsica. The hotel is located in the town of Calvi, a 13th-century Genoese citadel located on Corsica’s rocky northwestern coastline overlooking the azure waters of its namesake gulf. The historic area boasts a wealth of beautiful beaches, ancient villages and lush nature, where among the sea and mountains lies the magnificent 18th-century estate that houses La Signoria.

While rejuvenated through its elegant interior design, Hotel La Signoria retains the property’s traditional grandeur with original tiled floors, fireplaces and baroque antique furniture. The lush gardens have been landscaped to perfection, featuring peaceful terraces, lovely ponds, water fountains and citrus trees.

Elsewhere, the suites overlook the surrounding mountains, whereas the spacious villas enjoy expansive swimming pools and private gardens for a blissful stay immersed in Corsica’s breathtaking natural beauty. Around the hotel, guests can enjoy an outdoor pool, a large indoor hot tub and lavish spa facilities, which include a sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, gym and massage rooms.

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Auberge du Pêcheur

Where to Dine

There’s nothing secret about it–when it comes to the dining scene on Corsica, you’re spoiled for choices. From some of the freshest seafood in the Mediterranean to the mish-mash of cultural influences from Italy, France and North Africa, al fresco dining in Corsica always makes for a memorable experience. Built around the strong fishing tradition of the Gulf of Saint Florent, Auberge du Pécheur delivers the essence of Corsican cuisine with an unforgettable atmosphere.

The pioneer of sustainable swordfish and tuna fishing, Damien Muller opened the restaurant in the courtyard garden of his childhood home, complete with spectacular views of the open waters. Using local Mediterranean ingredients, the sophisticated menu consists of a number of fish and seafood plates that have been prepared by one of three alternating chefs in the kitchen.

Each dish is created according to the season and represents the perfect harmony between Italian and French culinary traditions. The exquisite wine list is the perfect touch to accompany all the flavors, whereas the professional staff matches the extraordinary surroundings in delivering a memorable culinary experience.

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Scandola Nature Reserve

What to Do

Most locals speak an Italian dialect, though the island belongs to France, and cultural influences from North Africa are also present. Corsica offers visitors great diversity in its nature–from glittering bays and rugged coastline to verdant valleys and soft sandy beaches. In between the chances to immerse yourself in the natural beauty, you’ll find forgotten hilltop villages, medieval towns and tiny fishing villages, each with their own fascinating history.

Home to beautiful beaches, dining hotspots and luxury resorts, your Corsican wardrobe should be nothing short of vivid and fabulous. Packing for the Corsican coast is all about bold prints, sweeping silhouettes and comfortable sandals that don’t compromise on class.

After taking all our tips for things to do in Bonifacio, the best way to soak up the drama of the carved coastline is to take a yacht charter. Bonifacio is bound to be your jumping-off point before you embark on a trip down to Napoleon’s birthplace of Ajaccio, where regal Michelin starred dining and sublime shopping spots can also be sought.

The pebbled beaches of Porto are more than enough to tempt sophisticated sailors, but the added allure of soaring red granite cliffs and UNESCO status ensure yacht charters take the time to swing by.

What to Pack

Vivid destinations call for vivid wardrobe expectations. Home to beautiful beaches, dining hotspots and luxury resorts, your Corsican wardrobe should be nothing short of vibrant and fabulous. Whether you find yourself roaming the cobblestone streets of Bonifacio, spending afternoons on the beach or dining seaside in a sleepy fishing village, your daytime attire should be stylish, relaxed, lightweight and, of course, colorful. Packing for the Corsican coast is all about bold prints, sweeping silhouettes and comfortable sandals that don’t compromise on class.

Designed with a square neckline, this Bondi Born Margot One-Piece Swimsuit is a simple statement option that will take you around the island and back. Made from the label’s stretch fabric in striking new hues, it has slender straps and high-cut legs to minimize tan lines. Throw in these Velvet Canyon Rendezvous Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses and you have a winning pair for life under the Corsican sunshine.