Sailing Homer’s Shores; Yacht Guide to Corsica’s Coast

Influenced by French style, and blessed with the warmth of the Italian sun, the island of Corsica presents an appreciably stylish and inviting private luxury yacht charter itinerary. Starting at the southern tip, leisurely making way to St. Florent and Bastia to the north, cruising the coast of this French commune is the ideal combination of leisure and active pursuits.

While this itinerary is a single week, extending the trip a bit to embrace Porto Cervo on the island of Sardinia, and one of the many glittering gems across the gulf along the French Riviera, makes for a two- or three-week cruise worthy of leather journaling. Keep in mind that diving is spectacular all around the island and a perpetual option while navigating the Corsican coast.

Boote in der Bucht von Cala Portals Vells, Mallorca

Day 1:

L’Extreme Sud and the Port of Bonifacio provide a stunning opening to this itinerary. Tall, 60 to 90 m limestone cliffs posted at this southernmost city lead to access of a lovely range of bays, inlets, and onshore excursions. Tender in to nibble the catch of the day at the intimate historic Stella d’Oro, or dress to the nines for Black Soup and Fish Tangine at U Capu Biancu. Then browse the shops and capture a keepsake or two before skipping back to your luxurious cabin on board your private luxury yacht charter.

Centuri harbor in corsica

Day 2:

Ajaccio, with stops in Porticcio and Propriano, offers a range of delights. Napoleon’s birthplace, Ajaccio also offers Michelin star dining and lovely shopping venues along the Cesar-Campinchini Square. For an exceptional local repast, visit L’Arbousier for a stunning view and authentic local cuisine, and stroll the Jetée de la Citadelle, lit up and dancing in the night with a charming array.

Day 3:

Porto’s red granite cliffs and pebbled beaches are just part of the reason this idyllic spot is a World Heritage Site. From the Calanches di Piana’s red spikes rising out of the sea, to the Taffoni natural caves and the simply gorgeous Piana village, this part of Corsican coastline is a divine feast for heart and soul. Feed your gourmet side as well, with an unparalleled lobster dinner in tiny Girolata.

In Barcaggio village in Cap Corse, Corsica

Day 4:

On to Calvi, the scenery continues to become even more breathtaking. With Castles, historic architecture, and an untamed coastline along the Punta de Revellatta, the sea and mountains both lend exquisite detail to this small enclave. For a truly memorable feast, book a reservation at La Table de Bastien at La Villa, then return to your private yacht charter for a nightcap under the star-strewn sky.

Day 5:

Upon arrival at L’Ile Rousse, the connection between man and sea is reinforced where the Rivere Balagne spills into the gulf. A mixture of religious ruins, natural gardens, and incredible history are rimmed with finely-ground sand beaches. Tour the culture through Route des Artisans de Balagne for a peek into the many occupations L’Ile Rousse has supported, from cutlers, beekeepers, book binders, luthiers, potters, jewelers, and glassblowers, then sip and dine on local shellfish, or take it on board for a luxurious bridge deck feast.

Lotu beach, Saint Florent city, Corsica

Day 6:

At the mouth of the River Aliso, St. Florent beckons from a lovely perch. Often called the Corsican answer to St. Tropez, the narrow, winding streets carve their way through Old Town and the bars, restaurants, and shops, while the coastline invites exploration of Les Arigate between the River and the city.

Bonifacio - Corsica

Day 7:

Cap Corse and Bastia are divine destinations with ancient roads, structures, and monuments like the Citadel. The 40km peninsula offers Cap Corse coastlines that sport both pebble and sand beaches, as well as an ornithological reserve nudged up next to the favored beach at Mariana. It is, however, your last day aboard your posh penthouse on the water, as Bastia harbor delivers you to travel connections that complete your journey.

Haute ville de Bonifacio

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