Its no secret that Montreal is a feast for the senses and a city that draws on history and fusion to create delectable tastes. The restaurant scene has always been thriving – the Quebecois like their food. While Canada may be famed for its poutine and cinnamon topped beaver tails, Montreal makes culinary magic happen. Expect heavy European flair, intimate service, and uber cool spaces when visiting for the Grand Prix. Here are the tables to be sure to book when visiting Montreal…


Since 1993 Toque has been hitting the best restaurant lists and it shows no sign of slowing down. This is not a spot that rests on its laurels. Hailed as one of the first to start the gourmet revolution of ingredient led cuisine, tastes are lovingly layered with waves of foie gras rippling in pear water, and duck lifted with the soft sleepy notes of chamomile. The décor holds a note of fun quirk and everything runs as smooth as silk. Toque is truly a testament to what a flawless dining experience should look like.


A wall of fig trees, bare wood tables, exposed brick, and towering windows to let the light pour in- falling in love with a place like Jatoba is easy. what makes Jatoba such a sublime spot isn’t just the stunning décor or the perfection on the plates – its that effortless easy vibe that makes you want to stay for hours. Salmon tartare, black cod with miso, truffled peaches and a wonderful wine list – there is an unmistakable Asian flair in flavor. Plates are presented in artistic fashion, making you remiss to move your chopsticks and disrupt the scene. Jatoba is one of those joints that captures the vibrant mood of Montreal.

Café Ferreira

Who doesn’t want to be transported to the bright and breezy food courts of pretty Portugal? Capturing pure European grace, the Café Ferreira offers a modern and remarkable take on Portuguese cuisine. The mezzanine, outside terrace and wine cellar stocked with over 5,000 bottles from across the pond ensure sozzled summers on the sidewalk. The fresh fish, hearty countryfied flavors, and gorgeous glugs of olive oil all transport you back to some cobbled street in Alfama or the Algarve. Almost two decades ago Café Ferreira flung open its doors and is still going strong against the changing trends of the dining scene –  a testament to tantalizing perfection.

Bouillon Bilk

Throw yourself headfirst into French finesse at the fabulous Bouillon Bilk. This celebrated French eatery has been on the long slow burn over the years and is finally flourishing in ways that sets it head and shoulders above the competition, a bit like a Chanel store in the midst of high street malls. You get the playful colors of a lobster salad served with gazpacho jelly, sweet nectarine and creamy avocado. You get waiters that glide through the room plucking menus from hands to replace with intimate foodie suggestions. You get slick sommelier advice that leans heavily on award winning notes. In short, you get the five-star service you deserve.


The swanky vibes of Hopkins has turned a former oyster bar into a beautiful space; where sharing plates come with killer cocktails and everyone is in a hip and happening mood. The beauty of Hopkins lies in its ability to rescue fine dining from the wane and stuffy edge and bring it back to being cool. The space is fresh and bright with hanging lights, lavishly stocked wines, and a menu that breezes through morsel delights like tuna carpaccio, lobster bathed in butter and rich duck ravioli.