One of the three largest islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is also the warmest, delivering mild winters, and hot summers made wonderful by Mediterranean breezes. Mixing together a dozen cultural influences from various historic periods, the island’s points of interest are as plentiful as its beautiful beaches and authentic cuisine, making it ideal for a private luxury yacht charter.

South of Turkey, North of Egypt, Southeast of Greece, and standing alone with a large percentage of pristine, undisturbed coastline, Cyprus is the perfect size for a week-long private luxury yacht charter itinerary, but has the depth and charm to continue exploration for more than a month. A “meze” of several ports of call, this 7-day itinerary provides just a small taste of the island.

DAY 1:

Phaphos offers everything from ancient culture, to the contemporary urban Bar Street. Through the centuries, foreign influence has given Paphos an array of interesting sites, from Roman monasteries and Byzantine castles, to Islamic mosques and Medieval baths. The Tombs of the Kings from the 4th century BC offer exploration of amphorae stamped by the manufacturer at an exquisite ancient burial ground.

Paphos Harbor

DAY 2:

Polis/Akamas invites visitors to swim in the Baths of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of pleasure, beauty, and love. Enjoy the beauty of an expansive nature reserve on the Akamas Peninsula. The area is also home to the Anasa Resort, with one of the most romantic, 24-seat, candlelit dinners at the island at the resort’s most popular restaurant, the Asian-inspired Basilico. More tradtional fare is served at Pelagos, outdoors overlooking the sea.

Buyuk Han (The Great Inn) Nicosia, North Cyprus

DAY 3:

Kyrenia is one of the busiest ports in Cyprus, attracting visitors with vibrant nightlife and a young population due to two universities. Host to cultural and art fairs, the city also attracts a trendsetting creative crowd. The busy waterfront finds charming restaurants and shops overlooking the harbor, inviting an interesting land-based evening.

Kyrenia Harbor

DAY 4:

Cruising to the Northeast point, you’ll find the Klidhes Islands and a protected nature reserve, home to impressive and beautiful bird populations. This lovely archipelago reaching out from the Karpasia Peninsula will find you cruising through clear blue water, around undisturbed coastal areas.

Klidhes Islands

DAY 5:

Cape Greco, with the resorts at Protara and Ayia Napa, has some of the clearest blue water, rimmed with probably the most abundant “blue flag” beaches on the island of Cyprus, cited for cleanliness. Quiet beauty by day, Ayia Napa is a clubbing headquarters on Cyprus, gathering beautiful people for dancing and celebrating on a nightly basis. Be seen at The Castle Club if you dare. Or, plan a more sedate evening on board your private yacht charter, with wine, a special dinner prepared by your private chef, and your own personal sunset.

DAY 6:

Limassol is another busy, urban port, simply brimming over with the blend of Turkish and Greek culture. Enjoy the yacht and the sun by day, but when the sun tucks in, tender to land. Try some of the local wines at the tavernas, and nibble the fish meze, small plates, for a culinary adventure, often from the sea. Clubs and bars abound, giving guests the option of a glamorous night out, or an intimate evening on board.


DAY 7:

It’s back to Pathos for the last day on the itinerary, soaking up the sun and serenity along the way or the sunset at Elysium Hotel. Shop for silver, hand made lace, and a little local wine, then begin making plans for your next charter. Contact [email protected] to arrange the details for a yacht that dovetails your every need, and a gracious crew that attentively serves you and your guests.

Sunset Elysium Hotel