With the surrounding Adriatic and Mediterranean waters, you can rest assured that Croatian cuisine incorporates the finest seafood sourced from the local waters. Dalmatian cuisine in general is amazing at showcasing both authentic and modern culinary creations, where local and fresh ingredients play a leading role in their purest form. Masterful execution means that every tasteful detail of each ingredient is retained and showcased in its fullest. The dishes are uncomplicated yet impressive. Moreover, the finest restaurants in Split showcase their excellent cuisine in stunning settings – fantastic outdoor terraces overlooking the marina and the blue dazzling waters. The interiors follow suit and are never bland – elegant decor and smart settings allow you to enjoy the finest dinners on this side of the Adriatic. Here are 5 of our favorite restaurants in Split.

7 Palms

A sunkissed atmosphere and awe-inspiring sea views await you at the 7 Palms restaurant in Split. The fantastic ambiance is topped off with excellent food – grilled meats and fish, accompanied by Croatian wines. The restaurant is led by Sebastian Scholten, a Dutch chef who believes in sustainable food and always prefers locally available ingredients. With his “less is more” approach, the chef and his team create uncomplicated marvels that delight the tastebuds. The chef invites every guest to experience dalmatian culinary traditions with a Mediterranean twist. Start your meal with refreshing appetizers like a duck breast salad or the chickory and apple salad with kale pesto and aged balsamico. For light bites enjoy steamed mussels, fresh oysters or a stunning chilled seafood platter, while meat lovers will not be able to resist the steak tartare. On the mains menu, there is a generous selection of grilled meats and seafood – various steaks and New Zealand lamb, Adriatic octopus and tuna steak. It is impossible to rush a meal at 7 Palms – slow evenings with excellent food and refreshing local wine are made even better by a stunning sea vista and the most gorgeous sunset.


We wouldn’t normally opt for pizza unless in Italy, but sometimes exceptions can be made. Just look at how stunning the Bokmaorra restaurant is – as they say themselves, it’s “pizzaurant”. The retro-inspired interiors are flawless and inspire evenings full of delicious food, indulgent cocktails, and long conversations and laughter among friends. The refined concept of Bokamorra has quickly placed this exquisite restaurant on everyone’s “must try” list in Split. The pizzas here really do fit in the gourmet section as they are topped off only with the finest ingredients and the dough is as flawless as you’d find in Italy. Each pizza has an artisan cocktail accompaniment and if that’s not enough – there’s plenty more to choose from and you can watch skillful bartenders shake, stir, and pour the most amazing mixology wonders in timeless crystal tumblers. Prosciutto crudo and prosciutto cotto delicately layered on buffalo mozzarella – that’s so much more than just a pizza!


Fine dining at its… well, finest, really! Kadena is unlike anywhere else in Split. Beautiful contemporary interiors are topped off with unobstructed marina views – spectate at the dazzling waters as the waiters bring you some of the finest culinary creations you will have had. Experience unforgettable flavors brought into existence by a modern combination of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and molecular gastronomy. Kadena restaurant has been included in the Michelin Guide for Croatia – that’s saying something! Personalized fine dining is one of the restaurant’s signature elements. The restaurant can seat up to 160 guests for dinner without feeling crowded at any point. Enjoy the terrace with a breathtaking view of the islands. Modern architecture that binds wood and stone can be observed all around. Dalmatian and deer prosciutto, octopus salad, tuna carpaccio, and the French beefsteak tartare make for excellent starters. An incredible seafood selection will leave you wanting to try everything from the Buzara-style shellfish to the John Dory fillet. The meat selection is equally impressive, serving various steaks, including the world-renowned Wagyu beef.


Another established fine-dining restaurant in Split is the renowned Zoi, which excels not only with the remarkable dining options but also the inspiring interiors. Serving Mediterranean cuisine both in its beautifully-decorated indoor dining room and the outdoor terrace with unmatched marina views, Zoi offers an unmissable experience. The restaurant offers a unique experience in a 1700-year-old setting where history, passion and food come together. The cuisine represents an authentic mix of rich Mediterranean dishes infused with a taste of history. Zoi is a place where every guest can explore a world of senses. A place where music, conversation, and the sounds of the city blend together while you comfortably lounge on the amazing terrace, with a glass of chilled wine, and gentle summer breeze kissing your skin. Just like other places in the city, Zoi also excells with fantastic seafood options – the crab bisque is a must for anyone visiting the restaurant and we also wouldn’t miss the saffron seafood risotto. Adriatic kali tuna steak is cooked to perfection and the Wagyu steak will not leave anyone unimpressed.

Zrno Soli

Included in the Michelin guide for the best restaurants in Croatia, Zrno Soli seafood restaurant is exceptional in every way. Operating since 2011, it is one of the top restaurants in the whole country. Spectacular views, smart, elegant interiors, attentive staff, and the most gorgeous cuisine are the trademarks of this fine restaurant. Located in the ACI Marina, the cuisine is creative Mediterranean. The terrace overlooking the old city of Split, the yachts, and the harbour ensure a million-dollar experience and the renowned menu focuses on fish and seafood, which the guests can pick and choose directly from the display cabinet. The restaurant pays special attention to locally sourced and fresh ingredients, and authentic Dalmatian wines are served to accompany each dish. Zrno Soli offers three select menus – 8, 5, and 4 courses, each telling a different culinary story.