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The exotic nature of French Polynesia is a calling card for intrepid yacht explorers seeking to indulge their finest castaway fantasies. Glittering in sheer beauty, but still with that air of myth and mystery – the lands of Tahiti and Bora Bora pull at our imaginations. These are lands where color runs thick; from the heady intoxicating blues of the bright sea to the wedding cake white of the sands, and the high definition hibiscus flowers make you feel as though you have fallen through the looking glass and into a postcard. With over a 100 little islands making up the magic of the South Pacific, the best way to explore is by yacht – from a call in at Marlon Brando’s private island to the vanilla soaked shores of Tahaa, but the island we suggest staying put on for a while is the wonder of Bora Bora.


Endless Summer… While Bora Bora ultimately feels like endless summer thanks to its turquoise waters, crystal-white beaches, and never-ending sun, we’re actually thinking of Delta Marine’s beautiful creation, the 160.76 ft superyacht available for charters in French Polynesia, Tahiti, and New Zealand. The spacious interiors are stunning, and the six guest cabins can sleep up to 12 people while the master suite with large portholes on either side feels incredibly light and airy. Read more about this incredible Christensen-built stunner here.


As if the stunning appeal of Bora Bora wasn’t enough, this gorgeous destination is a dream for any seafood connoisseur. You might have your favourite tuna dish and think you’ve found the perfect scallops time and again, but we cannot emphasize this enough – come here with an open mind and your flavour palate will thank you. The majority of Bora Bora restaurants have combined the best of two worlds – French and traditional Polynesian cuisine. Chefs need to constantly reinvent themselves to deliver creative and unexpected flavour combinations and present the diners with dishes that can live up to the beauty of their surroundings. Stunning vistas are ever-present – whether you look straight ahead into the blue horizon or below through the glass-panelled floors to see a reef shark swimming underneath, all of this combined delivers the most remarkable sensations. From small and exclusive restaurants you need to book months in advance to world-famous Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Bora Bora venture among others, there are enough culinary wonders to keep you busy throughout your stay so make sure to take your picks from our Dining in Bora Bora Guide.


Award-winning resorts are the crown jewels that are carefully placed in the dazzling Bora Bora lagoon landscape. Thatched-roof bungalows and villas weave through the coastline of Motu Piti Aau, all providing the most remarkable views of the volcanic Mount Otemanu. A mere 15 to 20-minute private boat ride away from the Bora Bora airport you will find yourself in one of the 5-star luxury resorts we have listed that you will likely not want to leave. Ever. From The Four Seasons to St. Regis and Conrad, you are guaranteed a pampering experience unlike anything else. The beautiful St. Regis’ overwater bungalows are enviable, especially when your butler is by your side to open your blinds and serve cocktails and canapés beside the pool at a whim. Even the spa treatments at The Four Seasons come with flecks of 24 karat gold in the oils. Take a look at our thorough Luxury Hotel Guide for Bora Bora to see what else you can expect when staying at this South Pacific haven.


Put on your Gucci sunglasses – Bora Bora not only is the ultimate white-sand runway for your latest resort wear pieces and accessories but you might just be blinded by the dazzling cerulean waters and the radiant beauty of this island paradise. Bora Bora delivers the perfect balance between active water lifestyle and effortless lounging on your private sundeck so you want to be packing accordingly. Make sure to look inside our Bora Bora Fashion Style Sheet for a thorough look at the most recent resort wear pieces you will want to pack with.

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Ever since reading In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne in her childhood, Lauma has been fascinated by all things travel. From sailing as well as exploring nature inland to continuously being fascinated by cities and cultures worldwide, she conveys her passion and inquisitive nature in writing.

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