Sparkling along the southeastern coastline of Florida, Fort Lauderdale embodies the very essence of waterfront luxury in North America.

As dazzling as ever, Fort Lauderdale effortlessly shook off its reputation as a college student getaway for partying and transformed into the brightly shining gem it was always supposed to be. The city is home to some of the most luxurious resorts and staggering private residences in North America – and fully allow you to enjoy the close proximity to both the Atlantic as well as the Intracoastal Waterway.

Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale

Where to Stay in Fort Lauderdale

Hotels in Fort Lauderdale are all about enjoying the sun and the shimmering blue waters – and the colossal luxury resorts towering over the coastline fully embrace that. Most of the oceanfront resorts are nestled together in the best part of the strip, including the Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale – where sophistication bursts through the seams in an unpretentious way.

This luxury hotel sits at the most premium seafront location, right at home on Florida’s Gold Coast. The very essence of the hotel is being in harmony with its surroundings, and everything is inspired by the peaceful presence of the sea. And how could it not be, when the panoramic views graciously overlook the Atlantic?

Elegant rooms and suites in neutral tones are all about naturally beautiful surroundings without the need to mask it with over-the-top interior elements. A definite highlight is the seventh-floor elevated swimming pool. After a day spent enjoying the International Boat Show, make sure to unwind in the tranquil spa – whether it’s cleansing or rejuvenation, the spa menu offers irresistible treatments.

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Steak 954

Where to Dine in Fort Lauderdale

One of the best ways to experience Florida is through its restaurant scene. Finding its home in the hip W Fort Lauderdale Hotel, Steak 954 is one of those must-try dining spots that you simply cannot miss. There is a particular appeal to a place that does a spin on traditional dishes, does it well and sticks to what they know. Why fix something that’s not broken, right? Steak 954 does exactly that.

Everything about Steak 954 is incredibly cool. From the nautical-themed interiors with a centerpiece aquarium to uncomplicated interiors, which allow the food perfection speaks for itself. Only the best cuts of dry-aged beef, as well as locally-sourced fresh seafood, are the highlights of this boutique eatery. American Wagyu beef dishes are certainly the main act on the menu, but the appeal of, for example, raw bar and seafood cocktails is undeniable – East and West Coast oysters, local snapper ceviche, and jumbo shrimp among other things.

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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

What to Do

The epicenter of this destination is the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the largest of its kind, which showcases the best and the newest in the boating industry – from superyachts to catamarans, it’s all there. Attracting boat owners, enthusiasts, and industry leaders, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is as much as an industry highlight as it is a celebration of a stunning array of luxury marine life.

With over 1500 yachts on display, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is the largest on-water industry event in the world. The 2020 edition kicks off on October 28, it will be a week of industry heavyweights showcasing the cream of the crop of their newest designs, and boating enthusiasts from all over the world spectating.

Garrett Leight


Fort Lauderdale embodies relaxed living that is all about the sensory experience. Whether you are taking a stroll on the white-sand beach looking in the distance over the Atlantic, soaking in the sun on one of the loungers, or enjoying yourself in one of the world-class resorts, you’re set up for an experience that is equally blissful and refreshing. The city embraces the casually cool resort-chic look and its perfect for strolling along the Las Olas Boulevard, lounging on a superyacht, or enjoying remarkable food in one of the restaurants.