In the grand scheme of things, Malta is not the first place that pops into mind, when thinking about the luxurious and beautiful destinations in Europe. At least to anyone, who hasn’t been there yet. However, to those who have, the small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African shores is full of pleasant surprises and otherworldly scenery. Ancient temples, breathtaking seaside cliffs, the bluest of waters, and historic significance surrounds all life in Malta. Each year Malta ranks higher and higher on lists of places that are must-visit and we couldn’t agree more. For ideas, what to explore, take a look at our Malta itinerary.

Għajn Tuffieħa Bay, Malta

What to Wear: Style Guide of Malta

Whether you are strolling through the unforgettable streets of Valletta or enjoying one of the beautiful blue bays surrounding Malta, you will want to pack a wardrobe that reflects the warm and easygoing nature of the archipelago, but also respects its deeply-rooted Catholic traditions. Take a look at our fashion style guide perfect for that gentle Mediterranean air and tranquil beauty.


Where to Stay: Best Hotels in Malta

Luxury hotels aren’t too difficult to come by in Malta, although not all pack the same character. You can find everything from large resorts to small boutique hotels tucked away in the narrow streets of Valletta. If you look closely, many have incorporated original architectural elements from past centuries. Some are even transformed palazzos. If you are looking for a truly memorable stay in Malta, we have got you covered with our Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Malta.

The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux

Where to Eat: Our Favorite Restaurants in Malta

Malta’s location historically has had a strategic significance and many powers have fought to get their hands on the archipelago. That has left a mark both in the way Malta looks and feels. To this day, different cultural influences run through the islands. This influence brought it many benefits. Culinary diversity is one of them. Italian, Spanish, even Asian and local Maltese cuisines dominate in restaurant menus. Chefs take advantage of the Mediterranean, therefore you can enjoy some of the best seafood and seasonal produce here. But they also keep their menus fresh by acknowledging the change and current trends. Due to that, the food scene never feels stagnant or aged. Additions like molecular gastronomy and ingredients like the world’s best beef, Wagyu, can be found in our Favorite Restaurants in Malta.


How to Explore: Superyacht Arados

Currently available in the Western Mediterranean, the superyacht Arados is ideal for exploring the waters surrounding Malta. The 47-meter yacht is packed with all your luxury needs. From stunning interiors to open-air sky lounge.

Superyacht Arados