It’s easy to become whimsical at the first thought of Seychelles. Even the name of this fabled paradise comes with a pearly pink sigh of delight, rolling off the tongue as sweet as split coconuts on deserted beaches, enchanted islands and French words that rise like classical music in star-laden nights. With more than a hundred islands in the Indian Ocean to explore, you can expect tons of glittering shores, azure waves and unbelievable water-based activities. In the capital of Victoria, the streets are surrounded by virginal rainforest, spiraling mountain peaks and no less than 60 breathtaking beaches.

Banyan Tree Hotel

Where to Stay

Picking through the string of islands that make up Seychelles is no easy feat. Some are lost to ghost stories, others are ripe with pirate lore and more still are no bigger than a pinky fingernail surrounded by the flush of blue Indian Ocean. The Banyan Tree Hotel embodies the leisurely tropical life Seychelles to the fullest. The resort allows you to enjoy the otherworldly beauty of Seychelles with a plantation-like atmosphere and ambiance. The 60-villa resort excels in privacy and sits on the Anse Intendence Beach on the main island Mahé, working in with its surroundings, not against them, with its stunning interiors and exteriors. Whether you lay down on the crisp white bed linens or lounge around the private pool or the beach, relaxing has never felt better – a sentiment that’s taken to new heights with the rejuvenating spa treatments in the wellness center.

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Windsong Beach Restaurant

Where to Dine

Seychelles is renowned for an amazing array of dining options with everything from Creole to Southeast Asian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Wherever you go, you’ll find the freshest seafood – marlin, local crab, creole octopus and local catches of the day. Within the Kempinski Resort Seychelles, it’s the Windsong Beach Restaurant that offers the best atmosphere for delicious cocktails under the shade of palm trees, listening to the sound of the waves only a few steps further. The restaurant offers casual dining and a menu representing international cuisine featuring some of the best and the freshest local ingredients. Make sure to try the local smoked marlin fish salad or the Windsong mixed seafood platter. Hot stone-cooked Angus steaks are prepared to perfection here and only the highest quality beef is used.

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What to Do

There’s something magical about Seychelles and its extraordinary collection of islands. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of this fairytale natural paradise in many ways – spend your days hiking through lush jungle, marveling at the underwater treasures or relaxing on some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Over on Praslin, you can play golf until the sun goes down and the moon is shining in its place, whereas on La Digue, rare birds watch you ride bicycles curiously from the branches of exotic trees. At the same time, Seychelles is certainly a place of splendor – it’s a spot to sail catamarans from island to island, to swim alongside wise, old turtles and to lose yourself in the true meaning of barefoot bespoke luxury.


What to Pack

Between the ultra-glamorous resorts, world-class restaurants, white-sand beaches and thriving marine activity, Seychelles is the perfect place to truly explore resort chic. No matter the time of year, the sun always comes out to shine in Seychelles. When it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun, these Bottega Veneta Oversized Aviator Sunglasses are the perfect timeless look to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays with total UV protection. The solid tinted lenses, polished gold-tone metal and vintage-inspired frame make for a timeless tropical look. These Carrie Forbes Mour Raffia Slides are a simple yet stylish option that’s perfect for all-day wear in Seychelles. They’re woven from natural raffia straw and fitted with a simple wide top strap for the maximum form-meets-function footwear choice.

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