The magic of Malibu cannot be understated – it’s the perfect place for luxury lovers dreaming of golden sun, peeling surf, effortless chic, and a healthy dose of Californian food and fashion. Malibu is where the celebrities flock to escape the smog of LA, its where billionaires kick back with iced tea and sublime sunset views, and a place people urge is ‘a state of mind’.

The coast runs a staggering 27-miles, from Topanga to Ventura, the rocky bluffs dotted with homes plucked from the glossy pages of architectural digest. Despite its wealthy status, Malibu has also been a welcome outhouse for hippies, surfers, writers and artists – lending a beautiful bohemian vibe and dose of culture. For those seeking their kiss of California living; we have rounded up the very best of Malibu…

Where to Stay

Malibu Beach Inn

Malibu Beach Inn is the sun-kissed spot that everyone raves about. You can clearly imagine Joan Didion smoking furiously and hiding behind her shades on the terrace. Sitting pretty on Carbon Beach means private access to the fine white sands, days lounging and nibbling at their beautiful beach club restaurant, and smartly dressed rooms that seem straight from a contemporary art or home design spread.

It seems to make perfect sense that a Japanese inspired Ryokan would slot right into the scene at Malibu without leaving a crease. Nobu Ryokan is modeled beautifully on the traditional style of Japanese guesthouse – all minimalist design, soothing colors, teak tubs, and fireplaces for warming salty hair both inside and out. With only 16 rooms sheer love and precision has gone into creating each intimate space, making Nobu nothing short of iconic.

Where to Dine

As to be expected, Malibu is a foodie dream. When you combine all that Californian air with fish laden waters and a dose of health-conscious karma – you get creatively glorious restaurants. The Malibu Farm Café is a dreamy example of just this; perched at the end of the pier, boasting mezcal cocktails at sunset, and with deliriously good fresh fish tacos and other laid-back gourmand ideas for lazy afternoons and early evening suppers.

Nobu (as everywhere this restaurant sits around the world) is another favored gem with locals and traveling tourists. The freshest fish can be found on these shores and its rumored that of all the Nobu’s – this one on the salt whipped and sultry Pacific Coast Highway is the prettiest. With warm teak colors, ocean side dining, and sliding French doors to let the last rays of light in – we believe it.

Where to Play

Malibu can keep you out all day and up all night. The Malibu Lagoon State Beach is where you will find the beautiful people, soaking up the sun and splashing in the waves, all wearing designer bikinis and Joan Didion style sunglasses. However, if you want to hang with the A Listers then Carbon Beach is the spot to snag a conversation beneath a parasol with the likes of Laird Hamilton and Cindy Crawford.

If you prefer to spend your days sipping and swirling with elite company, then Malibu Family Wines has become something of a local institution. The stunning ranch offers endless space brimming with avocado trees, orchards and lakes. Spend the day picnicking, sampling the finest Californian wines, and listening to live music beneath the twinkle of soft fairy-lights.

Splurging in Malibu is an easy feat; when surrounded by so many stunning little stores it would be rude not too. Zuma Canyon Orchids is something of a local church – stacked to the hilt with rare and splendid butterfly, gold, and fuchsia orchids. Every CEO and celebrity in town swings by to buy up these blooms.