Claiming prime real estate between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, the Grenadine Islands dot the Caribbean with unpretentious beauty. A natural backdrop for an incredible yachting experience, a soothing winter trip through the Grenadines is the perfect cure for the common cold temperatures gripping higher latitudes.

A Bounty of White and Blue

32 of the Grenadine Islands are associated with St. Vincent, nine of which are inhabited. The remainder are associated with Grenada, but all are part of the same the extraordinary windward chain, exhibiting a bountiful menu of tropical rainforests, stellar dive sites, volcanic hikes and waterfalls, and warm, friendly welcomes. St. Vincent is a popular point of departure for Grenadine yachting itineraries because of its airport and shopping, but its black sand beaches, active volcano and voluptuous rainforests are worth a peek.

Day 1: St. Vincent

Arriving on the main island of St. Vincent will allow a lovely on shore explore before boarding the yacht for the cruising experience. Boasting the oldest gardens in the Western hemisphere, the St. Vincent Botanic Garden was planted in 1762 for access to spices and medicinal plants. The Kingstown public market offers up the island’s bounty from true local farmers and artisans. Princess Margaret Beach is a lovely stop, whether by land or by sea. As you settle in to the luxury and grandeur of your yacht, prepare for cocktails and a stellar evening.

Day 2: Bequia

A delightfully unpretentious island, Bequia’s charm comes from a mellow mix of development, nature, and culture. In addition to some of the world’s most beautiful water and beaches, the Frangipani Restaurant and Bar celebrates local cuisine. A return to the yacht greets you with sundowners and a delicious seafood feast.


Day 3: Canouan

Cruising through breathtakingly beautiful waters, the beaches around Canouan sparkle happily as you cruise in and out of simple, natural bays and cays. A diminutive 5 sq. miles, Canouan is known for its green sea turtles and charming fishing village atmosphere. Rewarding diving abounds around the reef.

Day 4: Union Island

Known for its lobster and conch, along with its friendly population and simply divine beaches, Union Island is a pleasant place to step off the yacht for a brief on shore encounter. Clifton Village’s local markets, and island hikes up into the lush mountains for a stunning view of the shoreline are reason enough to tender in. Stop on the way back to the yacht at Janti’s Happy Island Bar, built on conch shells in the middle of the lagoon at Clifton.

Day 5: Tobago Cays

Immersion into the perfect marine paradise of the Tobago Cays requires your full attention so none of the beauty is wasted. Its fascinating marine views are every bit as gorgeous as those of its lush, green mountain peaks rimmed with swaying palms and sugar sand. The Tobago Cays Marine Park offers incomparable reef, wall, and habitat views for divers and snorkelers. Baradal Turtle Sanctuary and  Horseshoe Coral Reef specialize in nature’s underwater scenery. Catholic Rock Bird Sanctuary allows enchanting views of avian residents from the comfort of your yacht. Close this fabulous day with a beach barbecue and splendid view as the sun slips below the horizon line.

A Bounty of White and Blue

Day 6: Mustique

A lovely cruise over to this fabulously wealthy island tempts with secluded, beautiful beaches. Most are private, but still, the island’s iconic haunts present memorable moments. Basil’s Beach Bar sits demurely over the water, sporting its outdoor dance floor and thatched roof, whispering to the likes of Prince Charles, Johnny Depp, and Morgan Freeman. Open from 8 a.m. until the last man falls, their words, not ours, it is an imperative stop. The Martini Club at the Firefly is another epic stop.

Day 7:  Kingstown, St. Vincent

Back to the beginning, you’ll wish you were just starting out again after this richly rewarding trip. No doubt there will be room in your bags to pack the peace and serenity gained along the route. Should you be ready to begin planning your next yachting experience, contact [email protected]

Sweeten the deal with sundowners and stellar evenings