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The Best Restaurants in Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro has been attracting guests from all over the world and thus it comes as no surprise that everything in the marina village is 5-star quality. Instead of showcasing traditional Montenegrin cooking, the exquisite restaurants in Porto Montenegro take it a step further – by using excellent locally-sourced ingredients and the finest ingredients from oversees, each restaurant offers a completely unique menu with a one-of-a-kind take on luxury dining. Local seafood, contemporary Japanese cuisine, the world’s finest steaks, and Middle Eastern cuisine all come together to create a unique dining experience for anyone who finds themselves at Porto Montenegro.

Murano Restaurant

Luxurious yet relaxed, pristine yet uncomplicated – such is Murano Restaurant at the Regent Porto Montenegro 5-star hotel. The remarkable dishes, brought to you by Jovana Spaic and her team, are expertly crafted in order to present the very best local and seasonal produce. Fresh seafood dominates the menu as its main inspiration is the stunning surroundings – the glistening superyacht marina and the Boka Bay. A talented team of chefs prepares each dish with care and precision, respecting the natural flavors of each ingredient. Locally-grown organic herbs enhance these beautifully nuanced flavors. All of this creates the perfect portrayal of local cuisine, signature to the Adriatic region. The menu showcases the most remarkable appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, and grilled meats and fish. Furthermore, the interior furthers the experience – beautiful chandeliers and refined decor is the cherry on top. Grilled rosemary monkfish and a smoked ragout of mussels will please anyone who loves seafood, and the meat options are equally stunning – veal, duck, and rabbit, it really doesn’t get better than that. Flame-grilled options include Australian black Angus ribeye and Chilean Wagyu.

De Gustibus

Fresh seafood enjoyed on the most stunning outdoor terrace overlooking the marina and the dazzling waters? Yes, please! De Gustibus seafood restaurant offers just that and more. Guests are welcome to select fresh seafood from the fresh, locally-caught seafood stall and enjoy a glass of cold white wine and sunset views as it gets prepared by a team of expert chefs. The upscale restaurant is known for its divine location, attentive staff, and laid-back atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your evening with ease. Fresh oysters, meaty lobster, delicate tuna carpaccio are only some of the exquisite options served here. Moreover, for those who don’t fancy a glass of wine, there’s a plentiful selection of craft cocktails and finest spirits from across the world. We hear a refreshing gin and tonic pairs remarkably well with fresh oysters.


Internationally renowned Sumosan has restaurants all across the world. Places like London, Dubai, Moscow, and Monte Carlo are all blessed with the presence of this fine establishment and Porto Montenegro is no exception. The restaurant is known for its contemporary Japanese cuisine where the finest ingredients are met with delicate and absolutely skillful preparation. This results in art-like dishes that will leave nobody unimpressed. A fine selection of sashimis includes salmon, octopus, scallop, sea bream, smoked eel, and tuna. The mains include fantastic options like lamb ribs furikaki and beef cheeks. All of this is served in a stylish setting complete with familiar Japanese minimalism and dark accents. The outdoor terrace is equally stunning, offering unmatched views of the marina.

Gallardo Steakhouse

Gallardo is the first steakhouse in the Bay of Kotor region and already it creates buzz. By combining elements of fine dining, traditions, and modern-day meat preparation techniques the restaurant achieves unmatched quality and raving reviews from guests. Dry-aged meats are full of flavor thanks to the distinct marbling of the meat. The selection is wide – from Montenegrin lamb chops, Australian Black Angus and Japanese Wagyu to the finest Italian and Prussian beef chunks. The interior is beautifully designed, highlighting the aesthetics of traditional steakhouses with a fresh and stylish touch creating a unique atmosphere.


Located in the heart of Porto Montenegro directly opposite the Regent Hotel, Byblos Lebanese Restaurant and meze lounge offers a journey through authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The atmosphere feels authentic, inviting and very comfortable. Located at the waterfront, the restaurant enjoys the perfect location fit for clientele with a taste for quality Middle Eastern cuisine and 5-star service. The decor is modern yet traditional, complete with familiar Middle Eastern elements. The restaurant promises an authentic culinary journey. Everything is prepared in a way to satisfy all tastes. Delicious and zesty mezes, succulent appetizers, marinated goods, and aromatic herbs and spices all cooked under the supervision of highly experienced Lebanese chefs. Furthermore, the restaurant also features a shisha lounge.

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