The sensational Euphoria Retreat is the holistic well-being spa in the Greek Islands that really lives up to its name. Situated in the ancient town of Mystras, this peaceful spa retreat draws its philosophy from the five elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal – and allows you to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. This is done through a revival of ancient Hellenic healing practices, combined with traditional Chinese medicine and the expert application through an impressive list of customized programs and retreats. It’s here you can undergo a personalized journey of rebirth surrounded by the blissful nature of the Mediterranean, reconnect with your inner self and, as the name suggests, eventually achieve a blissful state of health and joy known to the ancient Greeks as euphoria.

Euphoria Retreat


The mesmerizing town of Mystras sits on Mt. Taygetos, near ancient Sparta and only two hours away from Athens. The densely-forested mountainside provides a majestic backdrop, whereas the Greek sunshine brings the lush valley of citrus groves and olive trees to full blossom each spring. The Franks, Venetians, Byzantines and Ottomans have all fought over Mystras and today the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its embarrassing splendor of churches, palaces, fortresses and cobbled paths. Steeped in Mediterranean history and culture, the setting for Euphoria Retreat is the perfect healing environment, with a special energy that inspires creativity and enlightenment.

Sphere Pool


There’s an otherworldly calm throughout the Euphoria Retreat and its spa facilities. At the very heart of the experience is the magnificent Sphere Pool, a Byzantine dome with elegant curves. Inspired by the architectural design of the iconic Hagia Sophia cathedral, the pool allows you to freely glide waist-deep in water and fully submerge yourself at its center, whereas hydrotherapy jets and in-water benches line the stone walls. The Tepidarium boasts benches, floors and walls crafted from the finest marble and radiates a constant heat between 37ºC and 39ºC. It’s as beautiful as it is therapeutic, relaxing your muscles, restoring your immune system and completely reenergizing your body. Elsewhere, the Cold Plunge Pool allows for cold-water immersion that can be combined with cryotherapy or other heat treatments around the spa to leave you feeling alert and invigorated. Rounding out the facilities are the Finnish Sauna, Watsu Pool, Experiential Showers, Steam Room, Ice Fountain and Sanctuary Deprivation Pool.

Byzantine Hammam


The Euphoria Retreat incorporates the ancient world’s fundamental elements into a personalized list of therapies, treatments and retreats. One of the most sought-after spa experiences is the Byzantine Hammam. Once part of daily life in the antiquity, your skin will feel nourished and rehydrated with each passing session, while also boosting your long-term immunity. Lined with partially translucent blocks of salt, the Speleotherapy Salt Room has a very special ambiance that invokes the natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to boost energy and blood sugar levels.

At Euphoria Retreat, you also have the option to choose between a number of specially-curated programs. The Relax & Destress program was designed to relax your body and inspire your spirit through a range of holistic and therapeutic treatments, whereas the Yoga & Mindfulness program blends daily personal yoga sessions, meditation techniques and bodywork activities to bring you the joys of a more mindful way of life.

Euphoria Retreat


The Euphoria Retreat offers 45 spacious rooms and suites, each with its own special energy. Featuring Byzantine art and Zen minimalism, you’ll encounter a dream-like ambiance across all guest rooms, while a soft color palette, beautiful lighting, dreamy curves and all the touches of modern luxury allow you to relax in complete comfort. After a day spent recharging around the spa, the luxurious bedding and pillow menu ensure a perfect night’s sleep. Around the property, you can enjoy the GAIA Restaurant. Inspired by the seasons and the Peloponnese countryside, the establishment puts forth a delicious menu of ancient recipes using a wide range of local produce.