One thing that the luxury world has always been synonymous with is wrinkling its nose at waste. Those far from the fringes of luxury may consider the market to be saturated with throwaway consumerism and excess. This couldn’t be further from the truth. True luxury is about heritage, heart and standing the test of time. A Hermes scarf will last forever, a Philip Patek watch will be handed to your son.

Over Yonder Cay has taken this too the next level – offering eco-minded adventurers the chance to stay on a paradisal private island where the mindset is very much ‘go green’. A sustainable slice of heaven caught in the Exuma chain, this once-simple fishing outpost has been thoughtfully transformed.

Stretching out across 72 acres and with the expert ability to welcome 28 guests with ease, you can unwind in the four villas dotted around the blue and white island. Over Yonder Cay is every bit as dreamy as she sounds, along with luscious villas for guilt-free luxuriating, you also have a nine-hole sculpted golf course, pretty pavilion and deep-water marina to entice those yachting aficionados looking for something more than the usual milk run around the Bahamas.

Make no mistake, although the view outside the window is ivory white and woven turquoise blue, the island is so green its practically emerald. Solar power, wind power, tidal power – your footprints may be left on the sand, but your energy traces are practically invisible.

Despite the environmental ethos there is no scrimping on luxury at Over Yonder Cay. Villas are built to gobble up those picture-perfect ocean views and come equipped with whirling Jacuzzis, edgeless infinity pools, grand pianos, kaleidoscope entertainment systems, crackling fire pits and easy beach access.

Each villa has been curated to capture its own audience and mood, and each enjoys a different point of the island. Whether you want marine rich shallows outside your window, or Minoan style heights atop the hilltop – all wedding cake colored homes boast their own temptations.

The Borsage Family Office own the island, and wanted to curate a retreat where privacy seekers could lounge in luxury but also embrace the art of living well, not just in terms of quality but with an emphasis on wellness. While you won’t find a gram of sugar on the island, you will find the freshest foods being whisked out of the kitchen and exceedingly fine wines as part of the all-inclusive approach to a stress-free stay.

Special spa therapists and complementary treatment programs have also been worked into island life to keep everyone in tip top shape. From morning yoga to shiatsu, hand blended massage oils and hot stones, you couldn’t ask for finer facilities to feel at your very best.

For guests who prefer a more active approach to exercise- the land and the sea are the ultimate playgrounds. There is a tagline that comes with the island that declares ‘do what you want, when you want.’ A more wholesome approach to Richard Branson’s Necker Island, Over Yonder Cay swaps sheer hedonism for a simpler art of happiness. Think nature trails, bicycles, golf and tennis, jet skis, paddleboards, movie theaters and blissful beach cabanas.

The state of the art marina also boasts its own fleet of boats, including its very own superyacht for those days when you want to throw fabulousness to the wind and set sail for sandbanks and sunsets. The fleet of staff also include dive masters, golf instructors, and ocean experts to ensure that these days of fun and exploration run like a dream.

Despite feeling like you have been catapulted a million miles into the midst of the blue Bahamian sea, Over Yonder Cay is just a few hours from the sultry shores of Miami, making her the perfect port of call for superyacht guests seeking a stunning eco retreat far from prying eyes.