Vacation in Paradise Our Yachting Lifestyle Guide For Bali

Bali: Destination Guide

The famed Indonesian island may be small in size, but Bali is anything but small in character. It is a destination of many faces. Surfers ride the tropical tides that fringe the coastline. The lush jungle interior is filled with temples and yoga retreats. Close to the capital, you will find beautiful beach resorts. Bali is the place that allows you to have a dream-like vacation you have always been seeking. A first-class experience awaits you throughout the island.


It would be a shame not to take advantage of the fact that Bali is a beautiful island located in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. With plenty to explore both on and off the land, there’s nothing quite like arriving on a yacht that is as magnificent as the Indonesian gem that is Bali. The 121ft (37m) long superyacht Bliss is our pick.

Built in 2009, she has a distinctive burnt orange pinstripe against a black hull and white heat reflective painted decks. The sleek interior sees the perfect balance between light and dark elements. Take a closer look at the perfect charter yacht for a Bali vacation.

S/Y Bliss


Bali is a place that seamlessly embraces the art of fusion. On one side there are traditional dishes that have been perfected for centuries, yet the island is also renowned for creating healthy comfort food. From smoothie bowls in the morning to remarkably fresh seafood for lunch, and French lounges where dishes come paired with palate quenching wines – Bali does food well. We have picked our Top 5 of the Best Restaurants in Bali.

Merah Putih Bali


Bali may have plenty of backpackers, but when it comes to high-class resorts, the island doesn’t skip a beat. Some located on high cliff edges on the shores of the Indian Ocean, while others are nestled between lush vegetation in green Ubud. Villas offering views of rice terraces and unforgettable sunsets, most have some of the world’s best infinity pools overlooking treetops. Balinese hospitality is celebrated, and it doesn’t go unnoticed in any of our Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Bali.

Ayana Resort and Spa Bali


Bali’s celebrated beauty can be seen wherever you go. The century-long traditions and vibrancy that comes from the temples scattered throughout the island still breathe life into every inch of scenery. Bluest waters and the most colorful forests are as if someone had painted all of this on a large canvas. Whether you are lounging by one of the superfine infinity pools or on the white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean or dining on the freshest ingredients at one of the celebrated restaurants, Bali is the place to embrace resort wear. Our fashion guide is packed with the latest fashions perfect for the oasis that is Bali.


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