Destination Guide Milan For The Formula One Italian Grand Prix

Milan: Destination Guide

With the Italian Grand Prix on the doorstep, it’s time to turn our attention to the chicest city in Italy and one of the top luxury metropolises in Europe, Milan. The pulse of this fashion capital never slows down. Opulent historic charm embedded in the city’s DNA meets contemporary designs and lifestyle trends that leave nobody unimpressed. Whether you take in the skyline while sipping espressos on one of the roof terraces or stroll through The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan doesn’t fail to impress.


There isn’t a better way to spend time in the days ahead of the Grand Prix than to catch-up and enjoy great company with friends over fantastic food and wine. Italy, after all, is one of the culinary capitals of the world. You will not fail to find the freshest ingredients, generations-old traditions in cooking as well as new culinary techniques in Milan. Filled with Michelin-starred kitchens, Milan attracts the best chefs from across the world. You can go full blown Italian with the riches of gelato, the softest buttered veal, and perfect al dente pasta or you choose fusion. We have picked our favorite dining destinations in Milan in our Top 5 Restaurant Guide.



Milan boasts that fascinating blend of contemporary chic meets old world glamor. The city is a smorgasbord of sparkling glass and peeling facades. It’s a fairytale of frescoes, piazzas, and gothic spires in the way Italy always is. Yet, it’s also a foray into multimillion-dollar minimalist design and new age luxury. Many of the 5-star luxurious hotels residing in renovated palazzos boast lush inner gardens and courtyards. Gorgeous suites have terraces with exceptional views of Milan skyline. Let’s not forget the marble bathrooms and deep-colored oak interiors. Take a look at our pick of 5 luxury hotels in Milan.

Park Hyatt Milan


Milan is a playground for fashionistas and those who are awe-struck by the beautiful aperitif culture. The city is a must for lingering over late afternoon cocktails and watching the dwindling sun splash the cobblestones of the nearest Piazza. And what better time to wear the latest fashion than during Formula 1 in Monza Grand Prix. The perfect opportunity to make an impression and wear bold designs. Our Fashion Style Sheet for the Monza GP has got you covered. Add a statement piece in the form of an ultra-glamorous Rolex Watch.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow

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