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The Island of Flowers, as Martinique is known, presents a lush, culture-rich tour of the Windward islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Exploring her waters from the bow and beach deck of your own private yacht offers one of life’s most elegant pleasures.

Built of a longstanding French heritage and French-speaking population, this sumptuous island is a contemporary composite of multiple languages, cuisines, cultures, and geographic features. Just 43 miles long and 19 miles wide, the intricate coastline and diverse landscape provide unlimited opportunity for shore excursions, from the busy port capital at Fort de France, to the secluded and beautiful black volcanic sand beaches of the north.

This suggested itinerary around the island strikes a leisurely pose filled with exquisite beach stops and intriguing island features, but all who embark should be tempted to extend the trip to include exploration of nearby islands of St. Lucia, and perhaps even St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Set aside a little time to explore the Route des Rhums, visiting a few of the 11 distilleries on the island providing appellation d’origin controlee rhums of distinction.

Day 1: Martinique Marina

Le Marin, Martinique. Settle into your marine mansion at Marina Le Marin on the southern edge of Martinique. Toast your first night on boat with something memorable, as this moment begins to transform the concept of time well spent. Le Marin offers delightful provisions, from food and drink to retail shops and island mementos.

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Day 2: Rocher du Diamant to Anse-d’Arlet

En route 15 miles to Petite Anse- d’Arlet, watch for Rocher du Diamant, or Diamond Rock, the site of a Napoleon conquest for this important lookout. Anse-d’Arlet is a quiet fishing village with an unspoiled beach and calm harbor that issues an irresistible invitation to drink in the luxurious scenic hillsides and harbours, and appreciate its breathtaking landscape below the waterline.

Day 3: Fort du France, Mt. Pelee, St. Pierre

As St. Pierre beckons, stop in Fort du France for a culture fix complete with museums, shopping, and Creole cuisine. Or make way up the coast to Carbet for an exquisite dining experience at Le Petitbonum or Ti Sable. St. Pierre, twice devastated by nature, once by storm and once by the eruption of the volcanic Mt. Pelee, was once the capital of Martinique. A delightful combination of Paris and Caribbean influences, the city is a trip back in time to its colonial era. St. Pierre boasts abundant dolphins and marine life suspended in shockingly clear, tropical, waters. The coastal views rimmed by beautiful sand beaches are magnificent.

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Day 4: Beaches at Céron, Tomate, and Couleuve

Enjoy the black volcanic sand beaches and serious waves of Anse Céron, Anse Tomate, and Anse Couleuve, where surfing of all types is the order of the day.  Views of the 4,600-foot Mt. Pelée volcano continue around the north end of the island.

Day 5: Caravelle Peninsula

Enroute to Tartane and the Caravelle Peninsula, enjoy the company of dolphins, the Atlantic in full view, and a gorgeous coastline of intricate cays and ilets. The reserve on the point of the peninsula houses the ruins of the fabled Dubuc Castle, reportedly secreting treasures untold.

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Day 6: Baignoire de Joséphine

Sailing to the Ilets du François and the Baignoire de Joséphine, where Napoelon’s Josephine reportedly favoured for a bathing spot, emphasize the crystalline waters and striking white sands of this perfectly unspoiled part of the island.

Day 7: Coral Reef and Nature Preserve

The Baie des Anglais coral reef and nature reserve provide a luxurious backdrop for beautiful mooring or a lobster and seafood barbecue on the beach.

Day 8: Return to Le Marin

With more memories and less stress than any other vacation experience.

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