When choosing a side of the Italian coast – it’s always a tossup between the riveting Italian Riviera or the awe-inspiring Amalfi. The Amalfi side is notably warmer – clinging to its summer fever with wildflowers, lemon trees, beaches, and mud baths throughout the year. While the Riviera has that rustic charm, Amalfi teases out ancient glamor with modern charm – especially on the sweet shores of Sorrento and the well-heeled playground of Capri. Sailing from shore to shore on your superyacht, you suddenly understand how it came to be the preferred R&R spot of the romans. And that is before we even get to the food; creamy limoncello, wild strawberries, fish that flakes and melts, and the streets where pizza first began – the Amalfi Coast is full of wonder.

Day 1: Napoli

Start your journey with a day in Napoli – an Italian city that may be a little rough around the edges, but has more personality than any other city in the world. Wandering the tight wound streets frayed with crumbling buildings, washing lines, and shrines to the Madonna and even the footballer Maradona, Napoli is a theater of life. Walk the Holy Mile in Sanita, stop for chewy weak at the knees pizza in L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, and be blinded by the glittering gold at the Gesù Nuovo church. Napoli is a place to drink it all in, before having an actual drink at the Piazza Bellini and heading back to the serenity of your superyacht.

Day 2: Ischia

This morning wave farewell to Napoli for fairer pastures of Ischia. The green island is home to a host of volcanic hot springs, making it a thermal playground for signature spa treatments and natural therapies. The Negombo Spa is the most famous healing water park on the island with its cascading falls, multiple pools and manicured park like surroundings. On the Via Roma of Ischia Town, you can find designer boutiques selling beautiful Italian wares and a wander through the Mortello Gardens will lead you to a summit with views across the sea. Finish at Ristorante Alberto to taste their famous sea bream from a menu that has been going strong for 70 years.

Day 3: Ventotene – Ponza

This morning you can sail to the bright little island of Ventotene, a sheltered roman harbor where fluorescent blue waters ebb at the rocky shore and car free streets weave between pastel painted buildings. Once upon a time the island was a jailhouse for adulterous noble women and you can still see the ruins of the villa where Emperor Augustus shipped his daughter Julia to live out her days.

Afterwards set sail for Ponza, the chicest of the Pontine Islands and often awash with football players, celebs, and royalty. Piazza Carlo Pisacane is the place to shop for hip things followed by an aperol spritz in the heady height of the afternoon. This is a place where Greek fables come to life – swim in the aqueducts of the Pontius Pilate Caves, and swing by the beach where Circe bewitched Odysseus.

Day 4: Capri

For the high-class traveler, Capri needs little introduction. Perhaps the glitziest little island in the world, her hedonistic charm is enough to entice many a guest to step ashore. A dramatic backdrop of blue grottos, limestone cliffs, and sea-splash plunges set the scene, head straight to Capri Town and kick back with a prosecco on the trendy Piazzetta. Take lunch at Terrazza Brunella for the best caprese salad in town, and then take your superyacht tender to discover the turquoise mythology of the famous blue grotto. Afterwards you can hit the designer boutiques to stock up on cashmere from Amina Rubinacci and prestigious gold and gems from La Perla Goielli.

Day 5: Salerno – Ravello

Many will skip Salerno, but the big city offers a slice of sophistication when it comes to its historic center. Spend a morning ducking in and out of medieval churches, wandering the botanical Minerva Gardens and admiring ancient artifacts at the Museo Archeologico Provincale di Salerno.This afternoon take a trip inland to the ravishing hilltop town of Ravello. For those who adore dreamy green gardens, aristocratic faded villas, majestic views and astonishing estates – then Ravello will tug your heartstrings hard.

Day 6: Postiano – Sorrento

Postiano is another jewel in the crown of the Amalfi Coast and one of the major reasons people set sail for these shores. The pretty paint box village clinging to a crumbling cliff is quite possibly one of the most romantic sights you will ever see. A must buy has to be the leather sandals from the artisan boutiques that line the streets down to the shore. Grab a table at La Sponda for Michelin starred bliss calling on the flavors of the sea and the fresh lemons that abound onshore.

For dinner Sorrento with her perfect dash of La Dolce Vita especially when you are dining summer Michelin star style at Il Buco. Fresh calamari on a bed of guacamole delivers a welcome twist for those who are tired of classic Italian flavors. Wash down with lashings of zesty white and finish with glorious gelato and several shots of the finest limoncello.

Day 7: Pompeii – Naples

Finish with a historical flourish on the Amalfi Coast by visiting Pompeii. Under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, the once upon a time sophisticated Roman city was drowned out by ash and fire back in 79 A.D. Explore the beautifully preserved buildings, admire the finest ancient art, and feel a lump in your throat as you witness the plaster cast remains of those who were discovered. Afterwards, sail back towards Napoli for one more pizza and prosecco supper.