Sultry days, Arabian nights and a futuristic city adorned in seven-star luxury – is there anywhere that speaks of decadence quite like Dubai? With the Dubai, International Boat Show shimmering on the events calendar, Dubai’s elegant marina starts to fill with jetsetters from across the globe, arriving in style to embrace this millionaire’s playground.

Outside of the capital the desert dunes roll and camels remain tied to the fence. Yet within the city limits you will see helicopters spurring VIP’s to their high-class hotels, designer wares coloring every window, supercars cruising the wide palm lined boulevards, and shimmering skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa soaring to kiss the sky. Take a look at how to spend your days in Dubai in-between the beautiful boat show.

live yachting dubai

credit: live yachting dubai

Where to Sleep – Seven Star Sleeps

Dubai is bedecked in designer hotels and was also the first to coin the phrase seven-star luxury. The Burj Al Arab has become an iconic landmark on the waterfront – the glass shaped sail boasts 200 signature suites with private butlers and a fleet of Rolls Royce phantoms to whisk you wherever you want to go. The interior design is far from coy -with gold columns, rare marble used by Michelangelo, and lashings of silk. For those who adore pure undulated attention, this hotel comes with an entourage of eight staff per guest.


credit: burj al arab

If the Burj is a little OTT for your tastes, then tone it down without skipping out on those luxury vibes at the One&Only perched on the Palm. The waterside haven is perfect for those wanting to escape the hustle of the city, yet leaves it still within reach at only 30 minutes by car. We suggest booking one of the riad villas right on the beach, complete with shimmering private pool, Moorish touches, and around the clock private host.


credit: one&only the palm

Where to Dine – Oysters and Opulence

French finesse paves the way for culinary genius with a side of perfect pomp at Pierre Gagnaire’s Reflets. Michelin stars abound at Dubai’s signature place to dine, decked with plenty of white linen and pink. The celebrity status chef is world famous and while the plates are pricey it’s because every ingredient is air lifted from specific spots in France every single week. We are talking an army of amuse bouche, blue Brittany lobsters, village cheeses from pretty Provence, plump pigeons, and a wine list as long as your arm.

Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

For truly lavish dining in a unique setting turn to the opulence of Al Mahara at the Burj Al Arab. The fabulous seafood is a reason to go but what really steals the show is the floor to ceiling aquarium. There is nothing like sipping Cristal champagne as a shark swishes past your table, or tasting a tableau of king crab with foie gras as a shoal of silvery fish shimmer before your eyes. Be sure to try the Tsarkaya Oysters in a cucumber broth. This is the place to be seen dining in Dubai, dishes are scattered with gold leaf, sheikh royalty lap up extravagant dishes, and the sommeliers can pin point every note hidden inside the delicate wines that wouldn’t look out of place at a Sotheby’s auction.

good things magazine al mahara

credit: good things magazine

What to Do – From Sands to Powdered Snow

After the heady sights and celebrations of the Dubai International Boat Show, you may be seeking extraordinary things to fill your time. Fortunately, Dubai isn’t called the millionaires playground for nothing. If you want to see another side of Dubai – away from the soaring skyscrapers and grandiose malls, then book a luxury desert safari. Travel by helicopter to the depths of the rosy dunes, dine beside firelight with your own private orchestra for entertainment, and sleep in undulated bliss beneath a real Bedouin tent.


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Dubai is world famous for its finery and with the world’s largest mall you can be sure to splurge on some very special things. Hire a personal fashion advisor and sweep through the endless designer boutiques, enjoy first look fashion choices, and sip champagne in some of the worlds most revered dressing rooms. While at the mall if you have been missing ski season at Aspen, then you can indulge in a fresh powder paradise at the indoor ski resort, complete with snow park and toboggan run.

business insider ice cream

credit: business insider

After delirious days of safari camps, splashing the cash, and indoor skiing – you can find the icing on the cake at the Jumeriah beach road ice cream parlor. Here, served in a Versace dish you will find the world’s most expensive ice-cream – with saffron strands, Madagascan vanilla, and glorious gold leaf.