The Best Hotels in Ibiza: Luxurious Boho Elegance and Tranquility

Even though Ibiza is famously known for its all-night partying and vibrant nightlife, anyone who has traveled to this beautiful Mediterranean island knows that it offers so much more than just nightlife. Boho-inspired vibes and spectacular beaches below dramatic cliffs and lush pine forests create a tranquil setting where all worries fade away. Moreover, look above and beyond larger resorts and you’ll find a handful of 5-star boutique hotels that embody the best of Ibiza in the most luxurious settings imaginable. Here is our pick for the 5 best hotels in Ibiza.

Hacienda Na Xamena

The Belgian architect Daniel Lipszyc who designed the spectacular Hacienda Na Xamena in the late 1960s knew the importance of perfect symbiosis. He designed a hotel that fits in the surrounding landscape like a piece of the puzzle. Built into the dramatic cliffside, Hacienda Na Xamena enjoys some of the most breathtaking views on the northwest of the island. A mere 30-minute drive from the airport and 10 minutes from the quaint village Sant Miquel, this 5-star gem is a luxury oasis with a Mediterranean character and natural serenity built into its foundations. With 77 rooms and suites altogether, it’s the ideal size to strike a balance between a boutique and a small 5-star resort. Nearly all rooms and suites face the sea and the views really are otherworldly. The spacious bedrooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that conveniently open up to terraces, allowing you to fully take in the gorgeous vista. The interiors enjoy a clean color palette and some strategically placed accents complement the Mediterranean laid-back chic vibe.

Ses Pitreras

It’s always fantastic to find striking boutique hotels in places like Ibiza, where the majority of people flock to resorts that despite being luxurious often have a complete lack of character. Ses Pitreras, the 5-star boutique hotel at the heart of San Agustin, is modern, polished, and offers the ultimate Ibiza experience with magnificent beaches just a short drive away and the most elegant and relaxing in-hotel atmosphere. Clean lines and uncomplicated interiors with a minimalistic and undeniably cool approach define Ses Pitreras design-wise while the service is at the same level offering bespoke service and excellent options for enjoying your stay like a fantastic on-site spa, an open-air rooftop terrace with a hydromassage pool, and even a yacht that will take you snorkeling to Formentera. There are only seven rooms in this boutique hotel so it’s the perfect size for an uninterrupted stay for those seeking private luxury and intimacy.

Pure House Ibiza

Upon first laying eyes on Pure House Ibiza, you could easily think you’ve immersed yourself in the pages of the finest design magazine – the vibes of the hotel are exactly that sleek. The 19th-century finca, surrounded by spectacular Mediterranean nature, has been transformed into the most gorgeous luxury hotel which exudes tranquility. On the 30-acre estate, you’ll find exotic fruit trees that complement the rich and vibrant nature all around. The hotel is tucked away from prying eyes so it’s the ultimate luxurious getaway for anyone seeking a beautiful stay, where attention to detail is apparent in every chic yet comfortable corner. The owners Caroline and Rushan have thought of every detail and their carefully-selected staff forms a team who understand perfect service in its true essence. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend hours by the gorgeous 23-meter pool and relaxing communal spaces all around. There are only four suites within Pure House Ibiza and all enjoy a stylish color scheme of white, beige, and ivory.

The Giri Residence Ibiza

Another remarkable boutique hotel can be found in San Juan. The Giri Residence is a few minute drive from the nearest beaches yet the hotel itself enjoys lush greenery all around creating nature-infused tranquility. The hotel itself resides in a restored farmhouse so it’s full of authentic charm but the elegant interiors elevate it to a modern standard. With only five luxurious suites, it’s another serene oasis in Ibiza where you can fully take in your Mediterranean stay uninterrupted. A great addition to the hotel is the spa which can be exclusively reserved just for you and your partner. An expert team of seven run the hotel ensuring that even the smallest details are up to a standard and the resulting service is truly perfect. Interestingly, each of the five suites enjoy unique features while the overarching theme is neutral with some exotic yet complementing touches. Unlike many boutique hotels, The Giri Residence actually has an on-site restaurant offering refreshing lunches, while the much-celebrated Giri Café, which is a part of the same group as the hotel, can be found in the main square of San Juan.

7Pines Ibiza Resort

7Pines, without a doubt, is one of the finest resorts in Ibiza. Because it feels more like an Ibicenco village than a resort, the atmosphere here is truly unique. The 186 suites are dotted around the hilltop territory overlooking the vast waters stretching all the way to the horizon. There are more than enough communal areas within the resort and a large pool, while there are also 13 private pools. Wooden accents and a neutral color palette define the interiors which perfectly suit the overarching design and stylistic theme of the resort. The Pure Seven Spa is one of the main highlights within the resort as it offers first-class spa services from various massages to body scrubs and wraps. Two restaurants and four bars, again, remind you that 7Pines is so much more than just a hotel and a resort – it really does feel like its own village with everything you might want on-site. Accordingly, the staff makes you feel at home, always greeting you with a smile.

Lauma Breeze

Ever since reading In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne in her childhood, Lauma has been fascinated by all things travel. From sailing as well as exploring nature inland to continuously being fascinated by cities and cultures worldwide, she conveys her passion and inquisitive nature in writing.

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