It’s not easy to remain indifferent to Shanghai’s spectacular appeal. The dazzling metropolis is a brightly-shining gem exuding history, glamour, and mystique. The vibrant city is not just the commercial and financial center of China – it is, by all means, one of the most diverse. Shanghai is a favoured destination for visitors from far and wide as they wait to sense the pulsating growth of the country. The modernized city showcases its multicultural flair with a unique glamour.  Here you can expect to be met with a perfect blend of cultures, both modern and traditional, and the western seamlessly blending with the oriental.  Towering skyscrapers and old Shikumen come together to create the unforgettable cityscape of Shanghai. This is also reflected in the diverse hotel scene, where you can find everything from minimalist oasis to dizzying over-the-top luxury establishments. Here are five of the best hotels in Shanghai.

The PuLi Hotel & Spa

While we’re all about Shanghai’s dazzling metropolis identity, there’s nothing quite like finding a tranquil oasis amidst all the dizzying extravagance that’s all around. The PuLi Hotel & Spa embodies everything we love in stylish 5-star hotels that go above and beyond expectations. The ultra-sleek minimalist design is truly awe-inspiring. Elegant black stone floors, beautiful wood and stone accents, geometric precision and elegance in the minimalist lines all throughout the hotel make this a picture-perfect setting not only for a relaxing retreat but also glamorous fashion shoots which take places here every now and then. During summer, the outdoor terrace is the perfect place to see and be seen. Altogether there are 193 rooms and 36 suites spread across the 26-floor hotel and despite its generous size, the boutique hotel atmosphere is everpresent and we can’t get enough of the luxury sanctuary-like vibes. The sensual spa is led by the renowned Anantara group and includes opulent pearl wrap treatments, rose tea scrubs, and compress massages. The overarching zen theme continues in all rooms and suites, where highest quality materials define the finish, crisp white linens invite you to the best sleep of your life, and views are unmatched.

The Peninsula

Grand in every aspect, stunning without a doubt – The Peninsula is a contemporary take on a grand hotel with Art Deco elements suggestive of Shanghai during the 1920s. Exotic wood finishes, deep black, and elegant lacquer, carved glass and gleaming chrome instantly exude an ambiance of pure and true luxury. In spite of its grand size, there is an obvious level of intimacy resonating through the air and making the public spaces feel entirely home-like with a touch of splendid glamour. The Peninsula has 235 ample guest rooms and suites offering breathtaking city and garden views. The hotel also has 3 restaurants – Yi Long Court for fine Cantonese dining, Sir Elly’s serving modern European cuisine, and The Lobby offering The Peninsula’s famed Afternoon Tea. Notably, The Peninsula is the only hotel in Mainland China with two Michelin-starred restaurants – it is the third year now that Yi Long Court enjoys two Michelin star rating, while Sir Elly’s braces its own one Michelin star. Impressive beyond belief, if you ask us, and worth a visit without a doubt! Every detail within the hotel is refined like the 25-meter swimming pool and spa that are a tranquil oasis beneath a glass roof, allowing the gentle sunshine to steep inside.

Wanda Reign on the Bund

When comparing Wanda Reign on the Bund with the hotels we’ve talked about before, it’s a stark contrast, where we move from tranquility-inducing havens into the territory of over the top luxury, which certainly works here as its a clear embodiment of China’s nouveau riche. When you arrive at the lobby, expect heaps of  Carrera marbles, waves of bronze, high walls of jade and works art estimated at £1 million a piece. Swarovski crystals sway from every ceiling, while thick Chinese rugs cover the halls and walls are coated in LED screens. Nearly 200 rooms, 193 to be exact, have all been treated in two themes – trendy with a mix of stained glass, epic chandeliers, and marbles, and noble and even more so upscale, displaying a Forbidden City meets Versailles ambiance, complete with hand-painted silk screens, patterned rugs, and lashings of gilt and crystal. The level of service follows the stunning facade – bespoke and truly personal, couture-dressed staff showcase the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction-driven approach to making all guests feel their best in this remarkable hotel.

Mandarin Oriental Pudong

Everyone, who is familiar with Mandarin Oriental knows that 5-star luxury here isn’t just a sign of excellence – it is its very essence. Located on the banks of the Huangpu River, in the very heart of Pudong’s financial district, Mandarin Oriental Pudong offers the ultimate combination of elegant style, comfort, and world-class service that is unlike anything else. Through contemporary design, the hotel finds the ideal balance between the buzzing metropolis seen through its sky-high windows and a tranquil oasis within. Show-stopping colored glass, geometric chandeliers, and exquisite marble decorate the lobby and immediately transport you to a world of richness. Remarkable pieces of Chinese art are spread all over the hotel, and the atmosphere radiates exclusivity, while professional staff allows everyone to feel as if they belong. While everything within the hotel is worth exploring and visiting, you’ll easily find yourself dipping your toes in the seductive 25-meter indoor swimming pool. Golden tones, bronze, and deep chocolate brown with bursts of blue and peacock green, all beautifully finished and luxurious to the touch decorate the interiors, while bedside control panels operate the temperature, lights, and curtains within your room. Spacious marble bathrooms are stocked with green tea amenities from Shanghai Tang and it is everything you could ever want and more.

The Middle House

The Middle House is the 4th property under the stylish House Collective group and this gorgeous hotel is divided between two curving, futuristic-looking towers that are supposed to mimic the local shikumen architectural style. In the awe-inspiring lobby, you’ll find a warm, intimate, and artsy space, with forest-green bamboo-ribbed jade porcelain walls, a spectacular 3,760-piece Venetian chandelier, a collection of Chinese art and Shanghai’s rich young professionals lined on sofas. The vast rooms are designed in an elegant palette of Earth tones – charcoal, nutmeg and navy. Interesting design touches come in the form of custom-made ceramic headboards crisscrossed with Chinese calligraphy. The large bathrooms are separated by glass walls, with the shower and bathtub in full view.