Luxury Hotels in Martinique: Authentic Creole-Inspired Design in Boutique Hotel Paradise

Martinique is one of the few Caribbean destinations that to this day is still overlooked by crowds and major resorts taking over the hotel scenery, leaving this stunning island to remain one of boutique hotels. Creole influences and vivid design details are bursting out of every seam creating a truly unique Caribbean take on luxury that feels fresh, authentic, and personal. From urban hotels at the heart of Fort-de-France to beautiful gems tucked away amidst the most stunning natural landscapes with lush green foliage and alluring tropical flowers, and hilltop residences that inspire lounging on poolside sun terraces overlooking panoramic views – Martinique has it all!

French Coco

Located in La Trinité on the east coast of the island, French Coco is a 17-suite boutique hotel bursting with style and sophistication surrounded by beautiful green gardens. Incorporating design interpretations of both international and Creole influences, the result is a vibrant and luxurious take on what it means to be Creole in the 21st century. Walk barefoot through the lush gardens with fragrant tropical flowers and find yourself at the outdoor swimming pool with sun terrace or take a more intimate dip in your private in-suite plunge pool. Mouthwatering French and Caribbean dishes are served in the hotel restaurant, which is one of the finest on the whole island. While there are plenty of design accents, the overall feel in the hotel and in each suite is lovely and minimalistic allowing the beautiful surroundings to do all the talking. Wooden elements feature heavily both in the exterior and each suite’s terrace creating natural ease. The suites at French Coco are spacious and airy, creating a seamless transition between the outdoor and indoor spaces. Vibrant art is displayed not only in the communal spaces but also in subtle accents in the suites in a true boutique hotel fashion, where originality and a personalized approach to service is key.

Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa

Located on the southeast of the island in the lovely town of Le Francois, Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa is set amidst the most beautifully vibrant tropical location – hummingbirds buzz by, sipping nectar from the brightly-colored flowers as you lounge by the crystal-clear pool sipping cocktails and taking in the warmest Caribbean sunshine. Gaining recognition from Condé Nast Traveler this breathtaking resort doesn’t take long to charm anyone visiting into wishing they didn’t have to leave. Featuring 52 luxurious suites, 30 of which have their own private plunge pools, Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa exceeds all expectations through personalized service, attentive staff, and access to a beautiful lagoon. The suites are filled with refined tropical features. Natural materials like exotic woods and woven cloth create a continuum with the environment in the most harmonious way. All suites have a terrace, perfect for letting in the soft ocean breeze, and indoor air-conditioning for a comfortable mid-day siesta.


Apolline, the luxurious boutique guest house with only 4 rooms in the grand mansion is a true representation of the Martinique hospitality scene – vivid design and interiors, personalized service, and the most spectacular outdoor pool overlooking Fort-de-France and bay. The grand views from the spacious sun terrace are awe-inspiring and you will easily want to spend the whole day taking in the sun from the poolside. Meticulously-prepared breakfasts with fresh fruit are served on the terrace. The small but beautifully-designed mansion is decorated with Creole-inspired furnishings with a touch of contemporary additions and bright Caribbean colors. Each space both inside and out is inviting and awakens the senses with authenticity and Caribbean charm.

La Suite Villa

The 5-star boutique hotel perched on a hilltop in Les Trois-Îlets is an embodiment of everything luxurious in Martinique. La Suite Villa with 6 suites and 9 villas is the perfect destination for uninterrupted enjoyment of this tropical haven. Equipped with a spa, a gourmet restaurant, and a wonderful outdoor swimming pool with spectacular views, La Suite Villa has even been named the best Boutique Art Hotel of the Year by Caribbean Journal. Every detail in the hotel is infused with local art and culture, sparking whimsical enjoyment of this authentic location. Suites with outdoor terraces and jacuzzis boasting panoramic views and one to three-bedroom villas all embody coziness, comfort, and authenticity that make this hotel truly stand out among its Caribbean counterparts. The nest-like suites are perfect for a romantic getaway on this often overlooked paradise island. 


Hotel Simon

Hotel Simon at the heart of Fort-de-France is certainly a more business-centric hotel amongst the majority of boutique hotels on the island but with its truly fresh approach to contemporary design, it is able to sustain a positively unique image that steers clear from the cookie cutter business hotels you’re used to seeing in numerous locations all over the world. Amazingly comfortable and perfect for any type of stay, it’s worth noting that what Hotel Simon lacks in tropical island features (which isn’t that important considering that the tropical paradise is literally all around you) it makes up in its beautifully-designed modern interiors with bold accents in black, yellow, and grey. Anyone appreciating architectural overtones and rich design will thrive in this stunning space. The rooms and suites offer either city or sea view, and the beautiful design features continue here from the communal areas. Bold black-and-white carpets and contrasting black and yellow accents enliven each room adding a high level of sophistication that many business-centric hotels tend to lack. The suites are incredibly spacious with separate seating areas and sectional sofas. The large double beds are covered with the crispest white high thread count linens inviting for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Lauma Breeze

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