Best Restaurants in Martinique: Vibrant Seafood-centric Dining Scene Full of Tradition and Caribbean Flair

Few places can match the culinary landscape of the Caribbean. While every culture has its own phenomenal culinary heritage that is unique and bursting with flavors, there is something that makes the Caribbean nations unique and it is their remarkably rich history with influences from all over the world – European, African, South Asian that mixed together with the Caribbean traditions have created an unsurpassed blend of flavors, textures, and scents. Freshness is the keyword wherever you go – locally-caught fresh seafood with exotic fruit, vegetables, and herbs dominate the scenery. From fragrant garlic, shallot, habanero, and lime sauces accompanying many dishes to stuffed crab, renowned for being the best in the Caribbean, and exotic breadfruit and chayote, the rich culinary heritage of Martinique is as interesting to explore as the island itself. Martinique delivers authenticity in absolutely everything so don’t forget to immerse yourself in the local rum scene, as well. Martinique proudly produces rhum agricole, a complex sipping spirit which is worlds apart from the mass-produced beverage popular in Western cultures as a mixer with coke and in cocktails.


Located in the exquisite La Suite Villa, the 5-star boutique hotel, Zandoli is one of Martinique’s most renowned restaurants known not only for its fantastic culinary offer but also its art-centric space which feels both original and authentic. Facing Fort-de-France, Zandoli is the perfect place to start your food journey on the island. Meticulously-presented dishes reflect on both the sea and the land with the dinner menu consisting of the local catch of the day – beautiful dolphinfish and tuna on the seafood menu – and duck, lamb, or beef among the meat dishes. Black garlic seasoning, grilled and glazed onions, and passionfruit add flavorsome accents in a true Caribbean fashion. The desserts draw upon the French influence with delightful soufflé and meringue, while textured mango with peanuts is true to tropical origins.

French Coco

Set on the east side of the island, French Coco restaurant is a part of a luxury boutique hotel of the same name. With magnificent views of the surrounding lush tropical gardens, you can choose to have your meal either on the lovely outdoor terrace or in the beautifully-designed dining room. One of Martinique’s best restaurants offers sublime culinary creations that draw on traditional flavors but offer a unique and inventive twist to each course. Well-balanced local flavors and European influence create a complementing duo on the plate, also a delight to the taste buds. Don’t miss the spider crab and the green lemon and coconut milk-marinated tuna tartare.

La Table de Mamy Nounou

There really is no way around it – La Table de Mamy Nounou is a Martinique legend in a way. It is renowned not only for its culinary creations but also the fantastic open veranda with lauded panoramic views. Located in Hôtel la Caravelle, the restaurant offers unmatched sophistication for the perfect romantic dining experience. The French and Caribbean fusion cuisine is executed with perfection – a balanced selection of both meat and seafood dishes, comforting and flavorsome sauces, and the most delicate yet rich desserts. Staff are knowledgeable and attentive in explaining each dish in great detail, ensuring thorough enjoyment of every single one of the chef’s creations. Make sure to try the signature dish grenadin de porcelet – larded fillet of suckling pig, or the tender lamb with aromatic herbs. Freshly-caught local snapper tartare is a great starter.

Le Belem

A classy and elegant setting defines Le Belem, the in-house restaurant of Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa. The varied and innovative restaurant combines the best qualities of Caribbean culinary tradition and fresh ingredients with exquisite French cooking techniques. Spectacular presentation of each course can easily be the measurement of the attention to detail at this fine establishment and it is ever present in each aspect, from food to service. You will immediately recognize well-loved traditional ingredients on the menu: chayote pie starter with black truffle and moringa leaves, local seafood ceviche with refreshing avocado and lime, local smoked duck breast with shallot confit, and the most indulgent frozen and caramelized banana, nutmeg and brown butter dessert you’ll ever taste.

Ti Sable

Ti Sable offers one of the finest seaside dining locations in Martinique. As the gentle ocean breeze sways the palm trees in a soft motion, the white draping covering each dining gazebo creates an effortless beach atmosphere, perfect for a relaxed al-fresco dinner with accompanying sunset views and beautiful yachts in the distance. On Sunday evenings the restaurant offers fantastic freshly grilled food with the options of a mixed meat or seafood plate: juicy lamb and merguez or freshly-caught local fish steaks. The seafood menu is always full of well-loved regular dishes and catches of the day – don’t miss the Creole-style whole grilled snapper or perfectly cooked Teriyaki tuna, sesame, and traditional christophines gratin.

Lauma Breeze

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