16° 56′ 10″ S, 177° 21′ 50″ E. Follow your fingertip to these coordinates on the map to find yourself in one of the planet’s most agreeable destinations for a luxury yacht charter experience, the Republic of Fiji.

The 322 islands that make up this chain in the South Pacific share a charming mix of indigenous, Indian, Chinese, and European cultures. They also share indescribably beautiful volcanic islands fringed by startlingly white beaches. The water is as blue and as clear as it gets. The weather, for much of the year, is perfect. If it isn’t already on your bucket list, you may want to rethink your priorities. It is a paradise that simply must be explored.

This sample itinerary hits only a few of the hundreds of highlights that one might include on such a journey:

Day 1: Bula! Arrive Nadi Airport, boarding your luxury yacht charter at the Denarau Marina in Port Denarau, 20 minutes from touchdown. Settle into your perfectly-appointed owner’s suite, slip into some stylish swimwear, and prepare to relax in a way that only these Melanesian Islands can inspire.


Day 2: Cruise to Vanua Levu, through the Mamanuca Islands, and on to the island of Waya. Spend the day snorkelling, diving, swimming, or just soaking in the gorgeous scenery. Every view a picturesque postcard, every beach a soft, warm embrace, this excursion is one you will cherish for its serenity and beauty.

Mamanuca Island

Day 3: Make way to Nacula Island, home to lavish resorts and beautiful native Fijian people. Tender ashore for a lovely presentation of traditional “meke” dancing, the national Fijian drink “yaquina,” and a feast on the beach known as “lovo,” where food is cooked by placing it atop hot rocks under the sand.

Photo Credit Sergio Pavan Flickr

Day 4: Cruise on to the lovely Yasawa islands, where more incredible swimming, diving, game fishing, and snorkelling await.

Fj0116 - Sawau-i-Lau

Day 5: Visit the quaint fishing villages on the island of Viwa, while cruising through some of the most stunning coral reefs in the South Pacific. Choose a beach and plan a private picnic, with a sumptuous feast prepared by the experienced charter yacht crew.

Photo Credit Viwa Island Resort

Day 6: Explore the underwater caves at Sawa i Lau, then tender to shore for hiking and exploring some of the lush island vegetation.

Photo Credit Happytrips.com

Day 7: Dive Vomo island’s pristine reefs, and take one long, last look around, as you gather blissful memories and head back to Port Denarau to disembark.

Photo Credit Viwa Island Resort