Unquestionably the summer charter destination of choice amongst the discerning travelers from all over the world, the Mediterranean is home to a wide variety of superb cruising grounds and fascinating places. Bordered by 22 countries and 3 continents, this superb region offers a rich mix of histories, landscapes, languages and cultures that’s created an unbeatable haven for travelers of all types. From the prestigious events that attract the world’s biggest names to the historic maritime capitals immersed in old-world charm, the sheer diversity of the Mediterranean means you can forge the luxury getaway of your dreams and escape to la dolce vita.

Please note that as of March 2020, we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected much of travel. While we’re all hoping the situation is resolved as quickly as possible, many airlines, hotels and restaurants have closed for the time being, whereas events and travel itineraries have been postponed or canceled altogether. Keep up with what’s going on with our article about traveling during the coronavirus, which is regularly updated with everything you need to know.



To put it simply, there is no Mediterranean season without a visit to the Côte d’Azur. St-Tropez maintains its status as the pinnacle of all things luxury with its gaudy seaside restaurants and star-studded beaches. This is the very definition of a socialite’s playground where high-profile visitors show up by the yachtful hoping to soak in the enchanting seaside melodies. Monaco is already synonymous with glamour and sophistication, but this is taken to new extremes when the Monaco Grand Prix kicks off in May. The principality is the epitome of elite Formula One racing, enhanced by the elegant setting and haute couture glamour of the Côte d’Azur. You’ll need to be ready for the red carpet in Cannes, where stars and billionaires alike take turns striking a pose in sleek tuxedos and full-length ball gowns.

The Amalfi Coast is another place to look forward to. This strip of Italian coastline simultaneously teases ancient glamour and modern chic for its well-heeled clientele. Between Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and more, the Amalfi Coast is certainly one of the most memorable destinations with its nail-biting vertical scene of colorful cliffside architecture, verdant forests and expansive waters. Stretching out from the Ligurian Sea to the Maritime Alps, the Italian Riviera is a fairytale-like strip of coastline that’s easily recognizable thanks to its craggy coastlines, colorful seaside villages, panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and enchanting beaches. This enticing destination consists of timeless vacation spots, such as Portofino, Cinque Terre and San Remo, with its own spellbinding mix of culture, history, art and natural beauty.

Between fascinating ancient ruins, beautiful whitewashed architecture and glistening beaches that wash against the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the Greek Islands spark the imagination in more ways than one. It’s not hard to see why superstars such as Santorini, Ios and Mykonos tend to grab all the headlines, but Greece boasts more than 6,000 islands and islets in total, each with their own sheltered bays, sandy beaches, coastal caves and ancient history waiting to be explored

Cap Rocat

Luxury Hotels

The impressive list of first-class events and captivating coastal cities certainly call for the most inviting accommodation. There is an endless amount of hotels that sparkle with their resort chic, top-notch luxury, endless sunshine and culture. Housed in a 16th-century military fortress in Palma de Mallorca, Cap Rocat is a fascinating cultural experience wrapped into one. Internationally-renowned architect Antonio Obrador has led the way in a refurbishment that has fused the historic architecture into the stunning natural environment. This inviting world of refinement is further enhanced by the luxurious amenities and cozy suites.

Since 1967, Hotel Byblos has been a staple in the Med’s 5-star hotel scene. The elegant village within the St-Tropez casually subscribes to the highest standards of service and accommodation, hosting both the fire-cracking festivities and the discrete family holidays of the astoundingly rich and the truly celebrated. Beautiful and warm terracotta buildings enclosing a pool with cerulean window shutters and elegant balconies intensify the signature look of the Mediterranean lifestyle – an intimate feeling that’s felt throughout the 41 rooms and 50 suites.

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Cucina Byblos


The people of the Mediterranean owe their health and slenderness to various cuisines based on light ingredients, seafood, vegetables, moderate amounts of meat and olive oil. Meals often include several family members and friends, when good food is combined with good conversation and beautiful scenery. Situated within Le Grand Hotel in Cannes, Le Park 45 is the alluring seaside establishment where you can enjoy a delectable range of culinary surprises. The elegant dining room overlooks the manicured gardens with the Croisette in the background, setting the stage for the French Riviera’s pinnacle fine dining experience.

Cucina Byblos in St-Tropez offers gregarious dining and the food is directly inspired by the French and Italian Rivieras. The Alain Ducasse restaurant celebrates the straightforward tradition of Mediterranean dining culture and cuisine while providing a glamorous and satisfying experience for any food lover. Without any pretentiousness, Rivea is all about enjoying the pleasure of simple and healthy products, stemming from the region. As you might expect, a concept of sharing is not only available but is encouraged here. As the sun dips below the horizon, come together with friends to celebrate life while sharing stories, fantastic food, and enjoying excellent wine.

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Mediterranean Fashion

Whether you spend the day shopping at high-end boutiques along the French Riviera or perusing the quaint seaside markets in Malta, you’ll realize that fashion runs deep in the Mediterranean. Before you hit the shores, make sure your summer wardrobe is up to speed as well. From infinity pools and glamorous beaches to island hopping and al fresco dinners, you’ll need to be properly equipped for a variety of situations and exquisite experiences that await.

For SS20, we’re looking towards vibrant tonal shades such as mango and a general uptick in eccentricity when it comes to swimwear. Beige is another palette that’s been dominating designer threads as of late. This Missoni Mare Vertical Stripe One-Piece Swimsuit is a simple and striped option with a vintage hue that’s perfect for lounging by the pool. One way to start your spring fling is with fisherman weaves and crochet for a true ‘handmade’ aesthetic for your sail – a truly intricate take on chic. Take this Sensi Studio Tall Straw Tote Bag, which has more than enough space for whatever you need to get through the day.