Every corner of the Greek Islands offers something completely different. When you want killer sunsets, you go to Santorini. For blazing history, you head to Athens. When you want sophisticated, sun-drenched bliss, the magic of Mykonos welcomes you with open arms.

Incredibly popular with everyone from the yachting crowd to the jet-set elite, Mykonos throws down shades of St-Tropez with its gorgeous whitewashed buildings pressed against the eternal shades of blue that make up the Mediterranean. The illustrious island is a blissful vision of beach bars, boutique hotels, waterfront restaurants and designer shops that are in full bloom from dusk until dawn. Upon arrival, you’ll understand why so many visitors have fallen head over heels for Mykonos and its magnetic appeal.


Mykonos Blu Hotel

Where to Stay

You could search your entire life and still struggle to find somewhere as photo-worthy as the sensational Mykonos Blu Hotel. The sugar-white architecture is framed beautifully by the blue of the sea and the shimmer of the turquoise pools. Antique lanterns, nautical themes and pristine panoramas look out across Psarou Beach, where the hotel also has its own private section reserved for guests.

The resort features 103 gorgeous bungalows and suites that resemble traditional Cycladic cave-style architecture. The rooms were made to pamper yourself with private pools, glass-walled waterfall showers and circular tubs. To add another layer of lusciousness, you will also find tropical-clad gardens and champagne served at breakfast.


Baos Mykonos

Where to Dine

Celebrating traditional Greek cuisine with a contemporary spin, Baos Mykonos brings out the very best in local flavors with a menu that specializes in freshly-caught seafood and seasonal farm produce. Led by Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos, Baos reaches achieves new heights in haute cuisine with experimental dishes that are interpreted with an international twist.

The local ingredients are central to his vision, with a rotating menu that’s dictated by the time of year and ingredients available. The outstanding gastronomic creations are almost outdone by the beautiful dining space and setting of Baos. The restaurant is perched upon a hillside that gently slopes towards the windmills of Little Venice, with sweeping views over the Aegean, as well as an elegant ambiance to enjoy your company.


Anax Resort and Spa Mykonos

What to Do

Mykonos is known far and wide as the Greek Islands’ most lively and glamorous spot. Days are best spent lounging vicariously on its epic beaches and navigating some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful waters before the world-famous nightspots begin to heat up across the island. Paradise Beach is hailed as one of the world’s best beaches and it’s not hard to see why. While party lovers may flock to these shores, its draw well surpasses the blight of boozy afternoons. Think Paris Hilton sunning herself on the golden sands and Boy George playing volleyball before cooling off with some heavenly cocktails.

The boutique shopping scene on Mykonos is one in a million. Bazaar At Scorpios is a bohemian lover’s dream and perfect for splurging, whereas designer boutiques from the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more spring to life across the island. Little Venice is one of the most romantic places in all of Greece. Sitting along the coast, its whitewashed buildings look down into the azure blue of the Aegean Sea and give way to a number of magical restaurant terraces for the meal of a lifetime.

No Mykonos experience is complete without a trip to the Anasa Wellness Spa. The plush oasis embodies the tranquil bliss of the Greek island and brings out the blue harmony of the ocean in its seaside location. The facilities are inspired directly from traditional Greek culture with modern touches, whereas the list of treatments includes muscle-relaxing techniques, stress-relieving massages and signature therapies.


What to Pack

Whether you’re making your way around the resort or strolling from one designer boutique to the next, walking is generally the most convenient option to move through Mykonos’ magical laneway. It’s more than wise to come prepared with a pair of flats such as these Ancient Greek Sandals Meloivia Leather Sandals. Made with classic leather soles, these sandals offer slender top straps covered in a metallic finish, complemented by the buckled ankle strap that will keep you secure and comfortable for extended periods of movement.

You’ll also want to opt for a stylish pair of frames to protect you from those UV rays, such as these Garrett Leight Clare V. Nouvelle 48 Sunglasses that come with stylish square frames. This Little Liffner Leather Shoulder Bag makes for the perfect all-around option that will take you from day to night with ease. The clean-lined design is topped off with a gold-tone shell push lock. The gold-tone snap fastening is a subtle but stylish touch, while the fully-lined interior has been optimized for your daily belongings.