From the blue skies and evergreen forests to the looming Mt. Hood and the swishing Willamette River that cuts down its center, Portland boasts an unfair abundance of natural beauty. The sweeping Pacific Northwest scenery unfolds like a breath of fresh air, perfectly complemented by all the cultural perks that come with a thriving metropolis.

It’s easy to fall in love with Portland and its eclectic charms, whether that involves a cozy café on a rainy day or exploring the diverse mosaic of neighborhoods that make up the city. It’s long been hailed as a destination for eco-conscious travelers with some of America’s greenest policies, as well as a foodie’s paradise with your pick of local microbreweries and ultra-hip eateries tucked into charming urban pockets throughout the city. Blending the very best of cultural activities and picturesque natural sites, there’s no shortage of excitement in the City of Roses.

Duniway Hotel

Where to Stay

Looking for a luxurious getaway in the heart of it all? You could do no better than the Duniway Hotel. This boutique hotel is directly inspired by the bold spirit of American pioneer Abigail Scott Duniway, embracing the artistic, creative and independent nature of Portland. Equal parts bold and stylish, the contemporary spaces feature modern furnishings and lush amenities that bring a sense of respite after a day of exploration.

From the Waldorf Astoria Serenity beds with 500 thread-count linens to the sleek bathrooms with signature bath products, the Duniway Hotel never fails to impress. Around the property, you can take advantage of the fully-equipped fitness center and glamorous indoor pool, whereas the 11th floor holds Abigail’s Hideaway, a splendid outdoor rooftop patio with live music, wine tastings and panoramic views of downtown Portland.

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Where to Dine

Embodying Portland’s spirit of conviviality, Jackrabbit is a welcoming and inviting restaurant that specializes in shared meals and craft cocktails. The chic space will dazzle you from the get-go with its hometown accents, repurposed fixtures and walnut furnishings. Led by celebrity chef Chris Cosentino, the award-winning kitchen takes advantage of the bountiful Pacific Northwestern region with locally-sourced ingredients.

There’s an emphasis on adventurous meat-heavy dishes, such as braised rabbit doused in garlic cloves, or raw oysters and clams brought to new heights with a specialty gin cocktail. If you’re a fan of brunch, Jackrabbit is your place as well. It’s here you’ll find the likes of a Savory Waffle served with butternut squash, smoked fish and salmon roe or Strumpet’s Crumpet Benedict that comes with country ham.

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3rd Avenue

What to Do

It’s easier to think of Portland as a mash-up of small towns, each with their own unique personality and sense of community. Characterized by its charming cobblestone streets and loading docks, the Pearl District houses some of the city’s most upscale eateries and ritzy shopping. This area also houses the famed Powell’s City of Books, the world’s largest new and used bookstore. Occupying an entire city block, it’s certainly one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, filled with smart people, unique products and, of course, its own coffee shop.

The friendly Belmont is a harmonious mosaic of vintage shops, cozy cafés and food markets, whereas the Alberta Arts District is the go-to place for its regular festivals, trendy galleries and leisurely strolls. If you’re looking to experience some lovely outdoor scenery without straying too far from the city, head to the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. This lovely riverside area is perfect for a stroll, where you’ll encounter joggers, cyclists and hand-in-hand couples taking in the setting.