Best Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast: Flavorsome Mediterranean Flavors Meet Italian Culinary Tradition

When dining on the Amalfi Coast, you can expect a wide array of fresh seafood, beautiful Italian pastas, and sea-view terraces wherever you go. The cuisine on the colorful and lemon tree-lined Amalfi Coast is all about fresh flavors, a magnitude of tomatoes, lemons, and fish. From comforting and uncomplicated pasta dishes to elaborately created art-like plates in elegant dining rooms with chefs who have earned Michelin-starred recognition, there is something for every appetite and we wouldn’t think twice about returning night after night to any of these excellent restaurants dotted around the charming Amalfi coastline.


The first restaurant in South Italy to be awarded a Michelin Star, La Caravella on the Amalfi Coast has been on the culinary map since 1959. Located near the ancient shipyards of Amalfi, the building itself, where the restaurant resides, dates back to the 12th century. The restaurant stands out not only with its fantastic food but also some extraordinary art pieces displayed throughout the space. In addition to the restaurant, La Caravella also has a unique selection of wines stored in its celebrated authentic wine cellar. The menu celebrates cuisine from the East and the West, the sea and the land, but also bringing forward old Amalfi recipes reinterpreting them in a modern version, while still infused with remarkable touches that bring a welcomed element of awe to the senses – both in taste as well as visually. The a la Carte Menu changes almost daily based on the catch of the day as well as daily produce. Make sure to try the croquettes of stuffed anchovies with smoked mozzarella served on broccoli and anchovies sauce from Cetara. The skewer of raw and battered lobster served on Mediterranean green sauce is also a must-try, and you can rest assured that nothing will leave you unimpressed.

Casa Mele

In Italy, where traditional trattorias dominate the culinary scene, Casa Mele is a stylish contemporary restaurant with a rather long tasting menu and food presented arriving looking almost like art pieces. The sleek open kitchen allows you to take a peek into a high-powered food lab from which whimsical plates of pasta, delicate fish in flavorsome sauces, and outstanding desserts emerge. Service is equally sublime. The restaurant’s manifesto is listed on one wall: ‘to eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art’. Here you can really tell that people behind this delicious establishment love food, and it shows in the most subtle details. Despite serving the finest food imaginable, the atmosphere here is perfectly relaxed in a true Italian fashion and beautiful meals are combined with remarkable wines pairing in the best way possible with both the food and the atmosphere.

Ristorante Eolo

Eolo Restaurant is located in one of the most striking corners of the Amalfi coast, shielded by the steep promontory that stretches dramatically out into the sea.
Decorated in a sophisticated, elegant yet uncomplicated style and finished with traditional ceramics from Vietri sul Mare, Eolo Restaurant has a large lounge that can welcome up to 32 guests and a dreamy terrace overlooking the sea, which exudes a magical and timeless atmosphere during sunset. The cuisine served here reimages traditional Amalfi and Mediterranean dishes in a modern way, with attention to the freshness and excellence of the ingredients. The seafood-heavy menu varies regularly according to the seasons and the availability of fresh ingredients, but you will always see something extra special featured.

Il Buco

Located at the very heart of Sorrento, Il Buco is not just a restaurant – it is a whole world of culinary excellence and remarkably delicious delights. A unique place every detail has its own one-of-a-kind significance as all elements contribute to creating a journey to discovering the wine and food culture of the region. Dining at Il Buco is an occasion to create a mesmerizing taste experience where aromas, colors, and flavors, along with a drizzle of creativity, contribute to awakening the senses. It is a place where you will want to return to meet old friends and spend hours in conversation, enjoying great food and wonderful wine pairings. The restaurant features several concept menus: the tasting menu which is a taste itinerary with fresh catches of the day as its main theme, accompanied by delicate, non-dominant, flavours but also emphasizing the taste of the fish, main hero on Mediterranean tables. The Land and Territory menu looks deeper into the tradition, while the a-la-carte menu offers the best of the best. It wouldn’t quite be a Mediterranean dining experience without the much-celebrated sharing concept which is also welcome here at Il Buco on its Sharing menu.

Torre del Saracino

In an awe-inspiring setting on the Amalfi coast, Torre del Saracino allows diners an experience that is unike any other and at the cutting edge of contemporary dining, yet still deeply rooted in heritage and traditional tastes. This is true of both the cuisine created by two Michelin-starred chef Gennaro Esposito and the restaurant’s fantastic location in an ancient coastal watchtower. The restaurant sits on the beach in a 1,300-year-old watchtower, a legacy from the Saracen incursions. The interior showcases a modern and elegant experience, so perfectly fitting the Mediterranean vibe. The main dining room is additionally complemented by an outside terrace overlooking the beach, and floor-to-ceiling windows open up to the most stunning views. Clean, white interiors are accented with additions of red coral branches, a tribute to the extinct red coral which used to form a significant part of the Amalfi coastline. Local fish and seafood often have a leading role on the menu: Mullet, Cuttlefish, and mackerel are all mouthwatering and cooked to perfection. A constantly changing display of fresh, local produce features heavily on the menu.

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