One of the most beautiful places in Montenegro, the Budva Riviera, enjoys stunning waterfront views, an amazing Old Town, and multimillion-dollar yachts in the town’s guarded marina. The moment you set your eyes on this beautiful place, there are no questions as to why Budva Riviera is the poster child of Montenegrin tourism as it boasts Mediterranean appeal while still keeping true to its local regional traditions and culture. The local cuisine offers great diversity and culinary creations vary from the coast to the central part of the country to the mountains. In Budva you can easily come across Italian, Turkish and Greek cuisine influences as these are mixed in not only with local Montenegrin cooking traditions but also are everpresent all over the Mediterranean. Restaurants here offer outstanding seafood and accompanied by seafront views and the sun dipping below the horizon as you wine and dine it all truly makes for the perfect evening. Here are 5 of the best restaurants in Budva Riviera!

Aman Sveti Stefan

By far one of the best dining options in all region with sweeping Adriatic views, Aman restaurant part of a hotel of the same name celebrates and serves Mediterranean-inspired and classic Montenegrin dishes prepared with local ingredients, wonderful regional cheeses, cured meats, and seafood like octopus and sea bass directly from the surrounding waters that offer not only a breathtaking view but also generous catches that are skillfully prepared by the chefs of Aman restaurant. Local specialties like lamb that is perfectly tender will pair beautifully with a glass of Vranac Reserve red. As you would expect around the Mediterranean, there are endless opportunities for sharing a meal with friends and family – Aman Sveti Stefan restaurant has a generous sharing menu full of flavoursome nibbles. An excellent selection of pasta and risottos will please the most ambitious diners as the quality is as exceptional as it can only be found in the Mediterranean. While there’s not a dish we would overlook, the seafood offering is particularly indulgent and you can rest assured that you will not leave disappointed.

Dukley Beach Lounge

The gorgeous Dukley Hotel & Resort offers many drop-dead gorgeous treats that can only be found around the dazzling Mediterranean waters and within its walls, there is not only an abundance of luxurious accommodations for the 5-star traveller but also an excellent restaurant that cannot be missed during your visit to Budva Riviera. Dukley Beach Lounge opens up to staggering Adriatic views and direct access to the waterfront. The restaurant offers an outstanding gastronomic variety with its celebrated Fresh & Fine Food Concept. On top of that, fine dining is met with an open kitchen concept here, where guests can witness their food being prepared in an art-like form. Creating a perfect balance of fresh and local ingredients, chefs will guide you on an unforgettable gastronomical journey with their authentic recipes. Moreover, knowledgeable staff will advise you on the best options for your taste preferences, and stunning presentation will both inspire and satisfy you while also channelling traditional regional vibes. Rock oysters with chilled white wine, scallops with hazelnut, apple, and bacon, saffron risotto, and lobster pasta are all excellent options that we’d return to time and again.

Jadran Kod Krsta

For nearly four decades, Jadran dod Krsta has been a well-loved family-run restaurant near the old town of Budva. Being one of the oldest restaurants in the city, it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to experience true flavours of the Mediterranean and Montenegro. Embracing tradition, the food here feels both homelike and out of the ordinary. A daily dose of fresh seafood from the nearby waters brace the menu and beautifully prepared fish, clams, crab, and grilled meats are among the top choices when dining here. The restaurant enjoys not only some of the best cuisine in all of Budva but also awe-inspiring waterfront views that look the best during sunset-lit dinner. While the interior might seem a little bit eccentric, it radiates local culture and Mediterranean vibes, and we’re all for it as it completes the authentic atmosphere. Start with a selection of regional appetizers like Njegush region cheeses, olives, and prosciutto before moving on to a fantastic seafood selection with mussels, fish, shrimp, and calamari. While all grilled steaks and meats are perfectly tender and mouthwatering, we recommend the lamb.


Obala Restaurant is set on the Slovenska plaza promenade, enjoying beautiful waterfront views that look particularly well during the sunset as your meal is accompanied by a gentle sea breeze and soft live music that fits so perfectly the overall ambiance. Obala serves great locally-inspired cuisine as well as regional Mediterranean dishes, and world-class seafood with aromatic herbs and citrus that complement the grilled flavours. A choice of fantastic regional and world wines complete the experience, and we could easily spend hours here munching on beautifully-prepared shrimp, mussels, and fish.

Restoran Lim

Dating back to 1994, Restaurants Lim is named after a river in Montenegro keeping with regional roots that are so important at this family-run establishment. Located on the beautiful Slovenska Beach, the restaurant offers beautiful coastal views and a stylish atmosphere that feels authentic and truly Montenegrin. For over twenty years guests have been met with beautiful local food that open up the tastebuds to new, delicate flavours while also staying true to regional cooking traditions. Enjoy grilled meats and fish, homemade sausages, pizza, beef Stroganoff, veal Parisienne or Weiner schnitzel. Furthermore, the restaurant boasts some great vegetarian options as well. The restaurant’s seafood selection is based on preparation of fish, different types of shrimp, squid and shellfish by traditional Montenegrin and Mediterranean cuisine. The chefs prepare local seafood fresh out of Adriatic sea, making Restaurant Lim authentic to the roots of local cuisine, and it has been like that for more than 23 years.