With its midnight sun, Scandinavian style, and Viking history, there is no place that captures the land of frozen fairytales quite like Norway. The fjords lace out like a turquoise ribbon beneath carved cliffs that climb to dizzying heights, punctuated with pretty fishing villages and charismatic cities. For intrepid superyacht owners who dream of kayaking beside thundering falls, sitting back in the hot tub late into the night beneath a white sky, and blending a beatific active adventure holiday with the haven of a first-class yacht experience, then Norway should be high on your list as the next charter destination.

Day 1: Alesund

Start your journey into the labyrinth like fjords from Alesund, considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Norway. Before stepping on deck be sure to explore the string of islands pinned together and surrounded by deep blue waters and mountains. Wander around the bright art noveau district with its crayon box colored buildings and winding downhill paths. Stop for lunch at Hotel Brusundet’s restaurant Maki. Maki is famed for its fresh seafood the tasting menu will deliver with its smoked haddock soup. Walk off lunch with a hike up the Aksla Viewpoint for sublime vistas across the postcard perfect city. This evening you can set sail…

postcard perfection in Alesund

Day 2: Geiranger

Sailing to Geiranger is sure to transport you back to the time of Vikings. Nothing can compare to the sight of majestic waterfalls and cloud breaking mountains over coffee. Be sure to take breakfast on the deck so you can drink in the views. The Geiranger Fjord is 20km of sheer beauty – think near sheer cliffs coated in green, waterfalls sprouting rainbows, and mist cloaking the foothills. Immerse yourself in this natural landscape by taking the kayak or the Jet Ski out from the yacht and getting close enough to the UNESCO falls to feel the spray on your skin.

Glide for 20 KM of sheer beauty along the Geirangerfjord

Day 3: Maloy

For an interesting peek into Norway’s rich fishing culture and maritime heritage, spend the morning discovering Maloy. With less than three thousand inhabitants this is your chance to get a truly local feel for Norway far from the glitz of the larger cities. The ice-cold waters on the shores of Maloy teem with world famous cod and herring, take the tender out from your yacht for a spot of fishing. The real reason to visit this area is to swim and sunbathe on one of Norway’s most beautiful stretches of sand at Refviksanden Beach. Here, the waters are a luscious shade of shimmering blue and the sand as clean and pale as a glacier.

Otherworldly Magic In Maloy, Credit @Fotografelin

Day 4: Flam

Translated to a place between two steep mountains, Flam is nestled deep in the very heart of the fjords. The little village is dwarfed by the sheer height of the rising mountains around her, making for a magical photography session from the deck of your superyacht. Step ashore this afternoon to ride the famous Flam railway for 12km of vivid natural beauty. We suggest spending the night at the gorgeous 19th century Fretheim Hotel. The beautiful white timber building sits on the arm of Sognefjorden and the historic tower suite boasts a queen bed and bubbling jacuzzi to match the striking views.

Flam Is Nestled Deep In The Very Heart Of The Fjords

Day 5: Bergen

A city that has stood proud for over 9 thousand years, Bergen echoes with a romantic charm thanks to its small wooden houses, old fortress, and colorful café culture. The UNESCO city sits in a ring of seven mountains and seven fjords and has been a thriving port for centuries. Take a stroll along the harbor and breathe in the salty tang of the fresh fish strung up. Stop by the Kode Art Museum to admire works from Picasso and Munch, and as the evening light dwindles, take the cable car up Mount Ulriken and finish up at the restaurant for a three course catch of the day dinner with fairytale views across the fjords.

Bergen – a UNESCO Wonder