Once upon a time, Tacoma was nothing more than a forgettable mill town just 30 miles south of Seattle. Rapid development around the city’s waterfront and downtown districts have completed transformed the once sleepy town into a hub of sophistication teeming with life. Renewed investments in the arts have catapulted Tacoma into one of Washington’s leading cultural centers, an experience that’s complemented nicely with gourmet restaurants, local microbreweries and fashionable boutiques. In true Pacific Northwest fashion, mesmerizing beauty comes easy to Tacoma. With the nearby Mt. Rainier soaring in the backdrop and the waters of the Puget Sound sparkling in the distance, Tacoma is where city sophistication meets the great outdoors – and it’s worth experiencing for yourself.

Hotel Murano

Where to Stay

Taking cues from Tacoma’s world-famous collection of museums, the elegant Hotel Murano delivers an immersive art experience in the heart of the city. In honor of Tacoma’s crucial role in the American glass art movement, everything about this boutique hotel will dazzle you from the get-go – blown glass chandeliers, vibrant colors and suspended glass viking boats. While the hotel’s incredible selection of glass art from around the world may initially capture your attention, picturesque views of the Puget Sound an well-appointed guest rooms with flexible configurations will only elevate your stay. Designed to make you feel right at home in the Pacific Northwest, the 319 rooms feature contemporary design and modern furniture with cozy touches throughout. At its core, Hotel Murano delivers a comfortable stay that’s equal parts inspiring and rejuvenating.

Duke’s Seafood

Where to Dine

Tacoma’s bustling waterfront district is packed with some of Washington’s best restaurants, but Duke’s Seafood remains a long-time favorite among locals and visitors alike. Known for its upscale yet casual atmosphere, the good times are constantly rolling at Duke’s, highlighted by a gorgeous overwater deck that faces out towards the open waters of the Puget Sound. The buzzing restaurant doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to the menu, which is completely free from hormones, antibiotics and harmful chemicals. The dishes are inspired by the bountiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest with dishes that exclusively use seafood that’s fresh instead of farmed and beef that’s 100% grass-fed. The result is an abundance of mouthwatering plates in a gathering place that’s friendly, comfortable and unpretentious.

Museum of Glass

What to Do

As part of its recent transformation, Tacoma now boasts a number of districts that are brimming with culture. No trip to Tacoma is complete without a stroll through the Museum District, where you can explore the city’s wide range of offerings in art and history. Among the most quintessential is the Museum of Glass. Housed within the iconic slanted tower, this museum offers comprehensive exhibitions, community events and live glass blowing demonstrations of Tacoma’s most important art movement. Follow this up with a visit to the nearby America’s Car Museum, which houses an expansive selection of cars meant to celebrate the country’s love affair with automobiles. Ideally situated along the saltwater banks of the Puget Sound, not only is Tacoma wonderfully scenic, but you can enjoy the mesmerizing outdoors in a number of ways. From parks and gardens to kayaking and wildlife tours, Tacoma is a natural wonderland – rain or shine.