The Beauty of Bonifacio; Corsica’s Famous Fortress Town

The achingly chic island of Corsica has long been a vogue French holiday escape. The natural beauty of the island is a vision of light, sculpted rocks of white and gold, slithers of silver sand, and medieval villages and towns that seem to cling precariously. Our favorite of these places has to be the beautiful Bonifacio. Founded in the 9th century, the deeply sketched fortress town is a vision straight out of the pages of a fantasy novel. Those looking to escape a la Françoise style should take a look at where to stay and play in Bonifacio…

Where to Stay

Boutique bliss abounds in Bonifacio and one of the best spots in town has to be the Hotel Version Marquis. With only a handful of stunning suites, spaciously bright outside terrace and infinity pool that ebbs into the blue horizon, you couldn’t dream up a better spot for gazing onto the turquoise bay of Santa Maria.

On the northern face of Bonifacio’s impressive ramparts you will also find the chic Hotel Genovese. The rooftop swimming pool is certainly a highlight and those smart enough to upgrade to suites will find sublime harbor views a picture of happiness when opening your blinds in the morning.

The Hotel Cala de Greco is one of those places proving that luxury can sometimes be best served in small packages. Two outdoor pools and whitewashed terraces invite afternoon lounging that can last all day. Suites look stunning in white with plenty of natural resources – warm wood, cool marble and tailored linens scattered throughout. Check out our detailed guide of where to stay in Bonaficio.

Where to Dine

Food lovers will find the open-air pantry of Bonifacio gifts the best of both worlds. When French flavors meet Italian flair you have something truly spectacular –  especially when you wrap it all up in a rocky hillside setting.

A Cheda Restaurant in Bonifacio can be found in the pretty courtyard garden of the hotel with the same name. Stone steps, shaded spaces and guests tucked up in corners reading the latest bestseller makes for a thoroughly relaxed dining affair. Beautiful tapas plates come bounding out the kitchen, with ingredients plucked fresh from the garden and gleaming fish caught straight from the sea.

Simple classics to share come lovingly prepared at one of the most beloved traditional spots in the whole of Bonifacio. Stella D’Oro is a gem of a place; the ancient house sets the scene with its exposed wooden beams, traditional olive press, and grindstone – complimented by white linen tablecloths and the freshest lobster imaginable.

Where to Play

Fortress walls borrowed from the pages of Homer and impossibly white sandy beaches borrowed from the pages of Robinson Crusoe – Bonifacio will do plenty to spark your imagination. The maze like Old Town is a must for wanderers who want to witness a slice of how life would have looked back in 828 AD. Down on the marina and it’s a different story – with vibrant chic cafes, boutiques and eateries serving up the yachting crowd.

Those wanting to dig a little deeper and explore the wonderful wilds of the surrounding area will find yacht trips to nearby Lavezzi a prime place for snorkeling in limpid waters of blue. Sardinia can also be easily accessed by boat for those wishing to cross Italian waters for a fine-tuned day trip.

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