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Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Split: Centuries-Old Seaside Splendor

Even though Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, there’s no doubt about it – Split, the second largest city in the country, is everyone’s favourite place to visit. Rich heritage complete with buildings dating back to the Roman times as well as the seaside location makes it an irresistable destination for the luxury-seeking modern traveler. The thriving atmosphere has something for everyone – fantastci restaurants, buzzing bars, excellent wellness centers, and cultural attractions. Since the city has enough to offer, it’s a great place to enjoy smaller boutique hotels. That said, there are great options for seaside resort-style hotels too, where comfortable afternoons by the pool can be enjoyed while looking at the glistening sea, cocktail in hand. Here is our pick of the 5 best hotels in Split.

Heritage Hotel 19

Heritage Hotel 19 with its quaint and luxuriously cozy charm feels like a place you’ve visited before – welcoming and oh so homely. The lovely boutique hotel is a haven for everyone who appreciates peace. Perfect for the urban explorer and those appreciating the sun and the sea. The hotel is a converted 19th-century townhouse surrounded by a beautiful courtyard where an impressive olive tree is an undeniable centerpiece. The interiors are elegant and very comfortable, combining rustic features like stone walls and exposed beams with refined design details like dark-accent walls, retro-style lamps, bold rugs and bathrooms adorned in black and gold. Heritage plays a part not only in the name of the hotel but also in every single guest room. The rustic stone walls and the exposed wooden beams are complemented with antique wardrobes, parquet floors, and oriental carpets. All of this is balanced with modern yet elegant design touches creating perfect harmony. The service is as great as the hotel itself – friendly yet discreet.

Vestibul Palace

Charming and chic, Vestibul Palace is a small boutique hotel in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace in Split and also a member of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”. The hotel is set not only in the Old Town but also in a historic building which gives the whole place atmospheric charm. Moreover, you can sense architectural elements from several time periods that add to the hotel’s character. The hotel is small. There are seven rooms in the main building and another four in a nearby annex. This means that each guest gets 5-star service and a custom approach to their needs. The highly personalized service is as luxurious as you’d expect. Guests are welcome to use the hotel’s own speedboat with skipper for private trips around the Dalmatian islands. On top of that, the concierge can arrange a driver for an individual excursions to the waterfalls of Krka national park near Šibenik. Since parts of the building date back to the Roman times, ancient exposed brick is showcased in the interiors. Wooden floors and stylish furnishings create a balance between the old and the new. Vestibul Palace is the ideal hotel for anyone looking for bespoke service, beautiful historic architecture, and the most elegant interiors.

Radisson Blu Split

The purpose-built Radisson Blu in Split is perhaps one of the best hotels to stay at if you’re after the best sea views in the whole city stretching towards the island of Brač. The resort-style hotel has an impressive number of 252 rooms yet it doesn’t feel crowded or limited in space. Not only does the hotel have a wonderful outdoor pool with swaying palm trees on each side, but there is also a great indoor pool with views towards the sea. Despite being located a 30-minute walk from the Old Town, we really can’t complain about the location as you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the pebbled beach and find yourself in the historic part of the city in no time. The interiors have a signature resort-style vibe but that said, all communal spaces and interiors feel very well-designed, comfortable, and modern. Larger hotels have a tendency of going quite cookie-cutter with room designs yet Radisson Blu Split keeps the atmosphere elegant and uplifting with brighter pops of color reminding about the lush flora in the Mediterranean region. Unobstructed sea views guarantee the most relaxing stay!

Marvie Hotel & Health

Perfectly located between the beach and the Old Town, Marvie Hotel & Health is a wellness oasis. A well-designed hotel focusing on rejuvenation, where straight-forward elegant comfort is topped off with various therapy options from spa procedures to dermatology and physical therapy. The hotel itself is modern with contemporary and sleek interiors. You won’t exactly find personal touches and customization here but rather a well-refined elegance and highest quality hospitality. Sea views and a stunning poolside terrace allow you to take in the gorgeous surroundings while its convenient location is perfect for a stroll into the Old Town or the nearby beaches. Sunlit, spacious, and thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows allowing you to soak up the scenery. Marvie Hotel & Health is perhaps one of the best places to find such a vast array of beauty and wellness treatments in the whole city.

Hotel Ora

Modern, chic, and incredibly well-designed, Hotel Ora is the perfect city hotel for the urban traveler enjoying style, sleek lines, and comfort without fuss. With 24 rooms, it’s ideal for avoiding the crowds and enjoying a stay in style. Hotel Ora is located a little over a mile from the city center but the beach is only a 5-minute walk from the hotel. While the on-site offerings are limited to a restaurant, bar, and a small fitness center, the rooms are an ideal hub where to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep before setting off the next day. The interiors are well-balanced with a dominating color scheme in light and dark greys, and bright accents in mustard and gold. The restaurant is spacious and very nicely designed with floor-to-ceiling windows letting in natural light as well as comfortable furnishings in the hotel’s signature colors grey and mustard.

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