For centuries, the paradise-like islands and atolls of the South Pacific have been the symbol of ultimate bliss. Comparisons with the Garden of Eden have been drawn ever since the first explorers arrived in French Polynesia. To this day, it’s a destination that attracts those who appreciate beauty in its purest form. While Tahiti is the most populous in the group of islands, the best place to stay and experience everything this part of the world has to offer, is approximately 30 miles north-east of Tahiti and can only be reached by a private plane. Previously only available to the Tahitian royalty, the atoll of Tetiaroa is where you will find The Brando, a first-class eco-resort that is nothing short of luxury.

As the name suggests, The Brando and the island itself have strong connections to the Hollywood legend Marlon Brando whose adoration for Tetiaroa dates back to the filming of Mutiny on the Bounty. He later purchased the island with a vision to build a self-sustainable luxury environment that would allow for the natural beauty of the place to shine through while also providing an unforgettable experience for the guests.

In 2014, The Brando private island resort opened to guests. A stay at The Brando allows for an unrivaled experience with all food, drinks, spa treatments and activities included. The resort comprises of 35 villas ranging from one to three bedrooms. 22 villas are scattered along Turtle Beach and 13 along Mermaid Bay.

Each villa is nestled between coconut trees, has a private beach, a plunge pool and an outside dining area. Whether you’re indoors or walking on one of the beaches, you can take in the beauty of the island as all villas have large windows and comfortable interiors with intricate Polynesian elements. Even though it’s an escape from society, all villas have been equipped with a media room.

Everything at The Brando is in complete harmony with nature, the Polynesian lifestyle and traditions. The hotel buildings have been designed by a French Polynesian architect firm Pierre-Jean Picart who used locally sourced Polynesian pandanus leaves and ironwood harvested from nearby islets. The result is elegant as well as disguised in the overall island surroundings, allowing full enjoyment of the beaches and lagoons of Tetiaroa.

Exquisite meals can be enjoyed in either of the two restaurants or the private outdoor eating area attached to every villa. The menu comprises of the finest Polynesian-inspired dishes, East-West fusion and classic French cuisine. Les Mutinés by Guy Martin features the finest selection of gastronomic wonders from two-star Michelin chef Guy Martin and his renowned Paris restaurant Le Grand Véfour. Les Mutinés by Guy Martin features an intimate interior resembling a hull of a ship, whereas Beachcomber Café restaurant offers unmatched ocean and lagoon views.

Only the freshest ingredients are featured in all dishes. From locally grown fruit and vegetables to fish from local Polynesian waters. The finest vegan menu is also available and has been created by Kelvin Au-Ieong, the co-owner and chef of Montreal’s upscale vegan bistro Invitation V. There are two bars at The Brando – the more intimate Te Manu with tree-top seating areas to enjoy cocktails on and the more laid back Bob’s Bar set on the beach and offering a relaxed and casual setting.

From oriental and taurumi massages in the Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa to deep-sea fishing and snorkeling, the possibilities for activities while staying at The Brando are endless. Stand-up paddleboards or classic Polynesian outrigger canoes are available for exploring the lagoon, and tennis courts for those, who prefer their activities on land. Island’s admirable biodiversity attracts researchers from all over the world, who are also happy to guide you on a tour showing the vast array of plants and animals inhabiting the island. There’s also a library, boutiques, and a cultural center, which offers Polynesian dance or music lessons among many other traditional activities.

Whether you’re a regular to this part of the South Pacific or are simply looking for a new venture in these waters, The Brando cannot be missed as it offers one of a kind experience that really is unrivaled.