The Cinque Terre Beneath StarlightThe Cinque Terre barely needs an introduction, our hearts have long been seared with the romantic site of pastel colored homes spilling down a cliff and into the gauzy blue sea. For yacht charters, it is the ultimate bucket list destination when sailing around the Italian Riviera.

For 18 breathtaking kilometers, you get the leave the world behind and disappear back into the past as you explore the villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. As soon as you spy this UNESCO wonder from the polished wood deck of your own luxury charter yacht you are sure to be compelled to stop. We highlight the very best of these lemon soaked shores to ensure sweet sailing along the Cinque Terre…


The largest of the five sisters, Monterosso is the farthest north and has a resort like feel with her pretty promenade and lovely old town. With her sandy strip of beach, it’s the perfect village for soaking up the sun. Monterosso is also famed for her anchovies and lemons, ensuring exceptional snacks in one of the cozy little restaurants. Cantina de Miki is one of the most historic eateries to dine at, with a darling terrace overlooking the sea. Those who want to shop for highbrow Italian fashion will also do well to explore the boutique scene in Monterosso.

Monterosso – famed for lemons, anchovies, and fine fashion


Photogenic Vernazza is right on the water, making it simple to tender right into town. A protective pirate wall, beautiful church and hip boutique street is a reminder of her fascinating past. Gambero Rosso makes the very best stuffed mussels along the coastline, great for a laid-back lunch.

laid back lunches in Vernazza


Corniglia takes a climb to get to the smallest village nestled into the cliffs. Those who want to explore can take the 365-step journey, although you may be just as content admiring the pretty little town from the splendor of your Italian yacht. Close by the secret clothing optional beach of Guvano is heaven sent. Slip out of your fine Italian linens and plunge into a perfectly blue warm sea.

hike to the pretty village of Corniglia or admire from your yacht


The poster child of the Cinque Terre and one of the best spots for swimming along the coast. Manarola is without a doubt the perfect place to drop anchor and dive from the deck of your superyacht. The scenic backdrop also makes for an impeccable place to linger over brunch before stepping ashore. Be sure to indulge in a wine tasting session at Marina Piccola, this village is famed for its sweet grapes. The lover’s walkway between Manarola and Riomaggiore is an absolute must, tell your captain to sail on down and meet you with the tender down at the end of the Via Dell’Amore.

Manarola -the poster child of the Cinque Terre


One main street, a charming rocky beach and a dozen divine restaurants make Riomaggiore one of the favored famous five. One of the best restaurants to dine at in town is called La Lanterna, the tiny terrace is soaked in romance and the owner knows all there is to know about the local fishing scene. Plates are hearty in atypical Italian seaside fashion with homemade knots of spaghetti soaking up the conger eel sauce.

Riomaggiore- rocky beaches, homemade spaghetti, and simple charm