Living in a time when everything changes so quickly, it’s a godsend to be able to go somewhere, where it feels like time is standing still. While true to various places all across the world, any island culture fits this description particularly well. Here life can be challenging, but it is equally uncomplicated. People live hand in hand with their surroundings and nature, and this honest way of living shines through every place, action, and encounter.

Few places excel in natural beauty as well as Turks and Caicos, and your senses truly become alive the moment you feel the sand between your toes. This West Indies and Caribbean location not only knows how to do luxury, but is also able to draw anyone in with its natural, uncomplicated, and traditional ways through food, for example.

You won’t be able to find better seafood than in a place surrounded by gorgeous coral reefs and fish. Straight out of local waters, each dish is carefully prepared right in front of your eyes and the flavors are truly divine. Influences from Caribbean cooking traditions mixed with contemporary and world flavors are served up in some of the most relaxing and beautiful beachfront locations.


Bugaloo’s, located in Five Cays, Providenciales, is a Turks and Caicos favorite, sometimes described as off the beaten path and a place you simply cannot miss. The three things this place is known for are excellent seafood menu, live music (some of the best on the island) and fire dances, as well as its beautiful beach location. Don’t expect upscale dining here. Instead, immerse yourself in some of the most mouth-watering traditional dishes you will find during your stay on Turks and Caicos. The atmosphere goes hand in hand with the natural surroundings and everyone visiting fully embraces that.

The menu is dominated by seafood dishes, even though other options are available too. However, Bungaloo’s is known for the insanely delicious conch appetizers and mains.  The conch gets collected in the nearby beach, so you know it’s fresh and it’s local. You can’t go wrong with local fish or Caribbean lobster or one of the various shrimp dishes, too. Pair that with some of the sweetest rum drinks on the island or choose a wine from an impressive list of international wines.

Coco Bistro

Coco Bistro has found its home in the largest palm grove on the Providenciales island within the Grace Bay – convenient as it is only a few minutes walk from many resorts. Enjoy your dinner under the stars and swaying palm trees while the warm and refreshing ocean breeze gently encircles you. The menu is dominated by local dishes fine dining style. Fresh local cuisine with a twist delivers an unforgettable culinary experience unlike anything else.

Start your dinner with local fresh conch starter – choose between sweet and sour with fresh Dominican pineapple or opt for a Martini-scented ceviche style with lemon and hot pepper. The mains menu features an astonishing list of fantastic dishes – from salmon to rare local tuna, black Angus rib-eye, lamb rack, and blackened mahi. As with any Turks and Caicos location, expect an impressive list of rums – Ron Zacapa, Diplomatico, and more exclusive aged rums from the region.

Grace’s Cottage

The moment you feel the classy, old-world charm surround you, there are few places you’d rather be than Grace’s Cottage. Soft, warm lights, a cozy atmosphere, and the most charming fretwork-edged building draw you in and you find yourself in the most relaxing environment. This dinner-only restaurant is a part of the Point Grace Resort on the pristine northern shore of Providenciales. The gourmet Caribbean menu is served either indoors or outdoors, and each corner of this serene restaurant is undeniably pleasant. From a quaint outdoor setting, sheltered under a gazebo or straight under a starlit sky to the beautiful indoor space with a mahogany bar and antique yellow walls, the atmosphere already prepares you for the fantastic culinary experience you are about to encounter.

The menu consists of fantastic dishes cooked to perfection. The gourmet Caribbean dishes have ethnic influences throughout – corn, coconut, garlic, pineapple, mango, peppers; all of these accompany some of the most delicate and flavoursome seafood and meat dishes. Start with classic and fresh scallops or crab cakes, or enjoy a more traditional coconut conch chowder. Any lobster dish – from lobster dumplings to the simply grilled lobster – is remarkable. Grouper and tuna are must-try for any fish connoisseur, and stuffed hen, rib-eye, and lamb will satiate any meat-lovers appetite.

Kitchen 218

Set within the boutique Beach House resort, Kitchen 218 delivers culinary excellence in its lovely and intimate poolside setting. Meticulously-presented dishes are there to both impress and satisfy. The beach-casual atmosphere encourages slow enjoyment of the evening in great company, and if you’re lucky – with the help of live music. You couldn’t wish for more attentive and knowledgeable staff making sure you feel extra special. The majority of restaurant’s patrons are guests staying at the Beach House or one of its sister hotels – Blue Haven and Alexandra.

Each part of the dinner is there to please and prepare for the next step. Starting with a delicate amuse-bouche to prepare and wet the palate, we then move onto the starters – some of the best fresh-seafood ceviches you will come across in Turks and Caicos as well as traditional seafood chowders that are rich without feeling heavy. In Kitchen 218, the chefs are eager to experiment with ingredients and combinations that are unexpected yet work together so well.

Parallel 23 

One of the most elegant al fresco dining experience in Turks and Caicos can be found in the gorgeous Parallel 23 restaurant. Part of The Palms resort in Grace Bay, the restaurant is surrounded by a phenomenal garden full of tropical trees, flowers, and luminous fairy lights. The ultra-chic dining room features bold yet unobtrusive design, complete with full-length French doors that lead out to the beautiful terrace.

The food is not only colourful and flavoursome – each dish is a showstopper. Executive Chef Lauren Callighen masters the ability to marry flavours in a way that creates a unique sensation. Celebrating local food traditions and availability of gorgeous seafood, the menu is full of must-try options – from coconut-marinated conch ceviche to the Fresh Caicos lobster tail. The menu also features a wide-array of meat dishes – Angus beef tenderloin and rib-eye, pork tenderloin, and lamb shank are all fantastic.