Top 5 Hotels in St. Lucia: Idyllic Caribbean Views and Serenity

Named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse, St. Lucia is the only country in the world that has been named after a historical woman. The tear-shaped island in the West Indies in East Caribbean Sea is popular but less-visited than other Caribbean countries due to its relative remoteness. Yet together with its breathtaking scenery and crayon-colored surroundings, it’s only more of a reason to voyage to this Lesser Antilles destination.

Resorts and hotels in St. Lucia thoroughly embrace the island’s colonial past – constantly changing between the British and the French – through architectonic elements, as well as its cultural and natural heritage, highlighting the native elements found throughout the island that make St. Lucia the remarkable tropical treasure it is. Each of these five outstanding resorts and hotels has their own unique flair, fitting perfectly into the surrounding scenery, and delivering the finest luxury experience to anyone visiting.

Jade Mountain Resort

The Jade Mountain Resort is not only outstanding for St. Lucia but it is one of the most unique tropical resorts in the world thanks to its brilliant and distinctive design. The romantic hillside resort was designed by its owner and architect Nick Troubetzkoy – 15-foot ceilings and unmatched views of the Pitons, the most discernible landmark of St. Lucia, awe-inspiring infinity pool suites with rugged stone columns are only some of the features of this resort. The 29 suites or sanctuaries all have an outstanding feature – the fourth wall is absent, thus seamlessly highlighting the naturally exceptional surroundings, where Jade Mountain Resort is nestled in.

The futuristic exterior that resembles brutalism architecture is immediately softened by the lush foliage surrounding the resort, and the vivid color accents in the interiors naturally resemble the bright accents you would find in the surrounding jungle thus not feeling misplaced. Each sanctuary is designed in a way that allows for utmost privacy while still letting you immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many choose to rarely leave their luxurious suites at all – five-start views extending from the living area with an infinity pool… what more could you wish for?

Viceroy Sugar Beach

Located on the most famous beach on the whole island, where the dazzling white sand is imported from Guyana, the Viceroy Sugar Beach resort boasts dreamlike views of the Pitons from within 100 acres of pristine rainforest. The interiors are infused with colonial-style features and the white-on-white interiors with hardwood elements create the perfect sense of harmony. Butlers making sure your every wish is fulfilled and a team anticipating your needs allow for flawless service that thoroughly complements this paradise-like resort. Bedrooms, villas, and cottages together form 96 fantastic accommodation units that each comes with a private plunge or bigger pools as well as a wet bar, iPads, espresso machines etc.

Wake up in the silky high-thread-count Egyptian cotton bed linens and breathe in the fresh Caribbean air before moving on to one of the luxurious spa treatments in one of the eight treehouse therapy rooms. The resort offers a first-class snorkeling experience in the bay as well as a diving center, where bright-colored schools of fish bustle past you. Peacefully sway in a hammock enjoying the afternoon sun in one of the luxury beachfront bungalows located directly behind the main beach, equipped with an outdoor shower in the private courtyard.


What once used to be one of the oldest and most prominent cocoa plantations in Soufrière, the heart and soul of St. Lucia, is now a uniquely luxurious couples and adults-only resort perched on a volcanic ridgeline 1000 feet above the sea level. With Gros and Petit Pitons within the view, the Ladera resort takes full advantage of its natural surroundings – each of the 37 rooms has an open fourth “wall”, exposing you to the stunning landscape view while still offering absolute privacy and serenity. Tropical hardwood interiors with natural stone elements and tiles are calming and elegant, and the private plunge pool area is enhanced with an over-water swing, where you could easily spend hours daydreaming about never wanting to leave St. Lucian paradise.

Three times a day a shuttle can quickly bring you to the famous Sugar Beach or you can easily spend the day relaxing in the breathtaking spa while enjoying a hot-stone massage. Dinners at the Dasheene restaurant are infused with Creole flavors and fresh local ingredients. If you venture out of the fully-equipped luxurious suite, there is also a rather secluded communal pool which more often than not can be enjoyed in privacy as most couples prefer to stay in their suites and take a dip in the in-suite plunge pool.

Cap Maison 

The beautiful Hacienda-style luxury boutique hotel perched on a cliffside on the northern tip of St. Lucia is one of the most remarkable hotels on the whole island and an absolute gourmand paradise. The hotel has 49 impressive rooms, suites, and villas, each elegantly decorated with cedar wood floors, Jalousie shutters, beautiful color accents, and large terraces. The privately-owned hotel is infused with personal touches and accents that can only be found in carefully-crafted boutique hotels.

Despite being a boutique hotel, Cap Maison is equipped with a great spa, a compact gym, and two communal pools with fantastic ocean views. While the hotel doesn’t have its own private beach, it leads down to Smugglers Cove, a 75-meter stretch of beach protected by cliffside and jungle. Lush and colorful foliage surrounds and weaves through the property and you cannot help but feel like you have traveled to a private Spanish Caribbean residence instead of a hotel.

Marigot Bay

The lively Capella Marigot Bay Marina & Resort is definitely different from the other luxury resorts and hotels on the island without compromising the quality and high-end luxury you’d expect from it. Despite not being located on the beach, the beautiful yachting-haven makes up for it in other ways. The undisturbed main pool is perfect for daytime lounging while watching sailboats and superyachts passing by, and if you do feel like being whisked to a nearby beach, just take a pick of one of the readily available water vehicles on the site. Located on the northwest side of the island, Marigot Bay is the perfect opportunity to expose yourself to local culture, something that would be much harder to do in other resorts.

The interior elements blend colonial-era features with St. Lucian and Caribbean motifs. The decor sticks to what you would expect from a Caribbean resort – mostly white with dark hardwood floors, and an occasional pop of color to channel the tropical surroundings. Nevertheless, it’s elegance through and through. 124 rooms and 57 suites make up an impressive number of spacious and airy accommodations – all bay-view rooms and suites have outdoor terraces, where you can soak in the lush St. Lucian views.

Lauma Breeze

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