The culinary experience in Bali is as colorful as the island itself. By immersing yourself in the vibrant and lush Balinese surroundings, you can quickly find the same full-bodied echo on your plate and taste buds. Local traditions and culture have merged together, creating flavors and experiences that will leave nobody unimpressed. The celebrated restaurants in Bali take advantage of the freshly available seafood, fruit, and spices. For meat lovers, pork dishes simply cannot be missed. Here is our pick of the top five restaurants in Bali.

Merah Putih Bali

Merah Putih: Celebrating Indonesian Cuisine

Merah Putih is renowned for offering the best flavors of Indonesia. By dividing the menu into two parts, Merah Putih offers both traditional and modern dishes. In the first part of the menu, you will find unpretentious dishes highlighting regional tastes. The second is filled with modern culinary imaginations which still use traditional ingredients and locally sourced produce.

The restaurant excels in visual design both on and off the plate. The large main floor comfortably sits over 100 guests. Eco-sustainability plays a big part in Bali and Merah Putih also takes pride in it. By purifying and recycling rainwater the restaurant unnecessarily doesn’t use groundwater reserves. Also, the local ingredients are locally and consciously sourced with little to no negative impact on the local community and ecosystem.

Mozaic Bali

Mozaic Bali: Local Ingredients in a French Technique

This Ubud-based restaurant represents Cuisine du Marché. Taking locally sourced seasonal ingredients and marrying them to French culinary techniques and presentation. Elegant and full of flavor – such are the dishes found on the menu of Mozaic Bali. The intimate garden setting embodies the perfect Bali atmosphere.

Created by the French-American chef Chris Salans, the menu features beautiful local seafood, honey-baked pork, and Javanese pigeon. World flavors come in the form of scallops, Australian lamb, and Iberico pork. The restaurant offers a private dining experience for groups from 6 to 36 guests. During this, the chef is fully exclusive to your group and creates the dishes in front of you in the glamorous workshop kitchen.


Locavore: Celebrating the Local 

Just as the name implies, Locavore celebrates everything local. While the dishes themselves see a European cooking influence, everything from the ingredients to tableware is locally sourced. Supporting the local community and sustainability is at the very heart of Locavore’s concept. 95% of the ingredients are Indonesian. The restaurant is led by the Dutch chef Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah, a Jakarta-born Sumatran chef, and the restaurant manager Adi Karmayasa from Bedulu village near Ubud.

The restaurant offers two menus, locavore, and herbivore. Even in the cocktail menu, you will find local flavors and ingredients like chilies muddled with lemongrass and wild honey shaken with turmeric and mint.

Fishbone Local

Fishbone Local: Bali’s Seafood Galore

Fishbone Local has a more relaxed and almost communal atmosphere, yet the food is anything but ordinary. Located in the seaside village of Canggu, this contemporary eatery celebrates all things seafood. Partnering with sustainable seafood association, fair trade and sustainability play a leading role at Fishbone Local.

The menu changes daily, however, the festival of flavors and quality remain. As for drinks, the wine and beer listing is short. It’s all about the outstanding cocktails here. Barbecued swordfish tikka skewers and chili salt squid will pair brilliantly with a local margarita or a rum rambler.

Teatro Gastroteque

Teatro Gastroteque: Asian Twist on French Cuisine

In its essence, fine dining is not only an experience. It’s a spectacular show. The boutique restaurant Teatro Gastroteque does just that by turning fantastic ingredients and culinary techniques into an art piece. Located in the trendy Seminyak area, the restaurant space itself has a modern and intimate atmosphere, where traditional elements in the interior are kept to a minimum.

Teatro’s menu consists of an Asian twist of French cuisine. Award-winning Indonesian chef Mandif M. Warokka and his team create in-depth flavors within all dishes found on their four menus: Teatro Discovery, Teatro Archipelago, Teatro Reinassance, and Teatro Reinassance Vegetarian. Each item on the menu has a recommended wine pairing from the wine list.