Top 5 Restaurants in Dubai: World Flavors and Michelin-starred Excellence in a Dazzling Setting

If anything is indisputable, it is the fact that Dubai is a 5-star city. You can sense it everywhere, from the moment of your arrival. Dazzling futuristic elements meet with centuries-old tradition, mammoth skyscrapers with low-rise islands of a pure oasis. Dubai attracts both worldwide attention and excellence, and flavors from across the globe meet here in a fusion of imaginative approach to culinary perfection. This, in return, means that Dubai really is one of the most diverse and delicious cities in the world, where world-class chefs showcase their skill and creativity. Mouthwatering flavors, colorful presentation, top-of-the-world cityscape views, and luxury interiors are all that you can expect when dining in Dubai. Here are our top five picks for the best dining options in Dubai!

At.mosphere Burj Khalifa

How would you like your stay in Dubai to start? How about dinner at the world’s tallest restaurant? Located on the 122 Level and 442 meters above the ground on the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa – At.mosphere delivers not only unmatched views of the Arabian Gulf but also gastronomic excellence that is hard to top. The critically acclaimed menu features remarkable dishes created by a team of professionals with years of experience and expertise. Moreover, Adam Tihany, a bespoke restaurant designer, has ensured that the 5-star experience starts from the moment you come through the doors. Art Deco opulence meets retro cruise ship chic. The restaurant sources only the finest and freshest ingredients from across the world, and some have been specifically grown to be used here. Choose between 3, 5, and 7-course menus with wine pairings. Hand-dived scallops are served with indulgent foie gras and leek puree, paired with the finest Riesling wine from Southwest Germany. Viennese roasted sea bass with parsley and white truffle jus is bursting with flavors matching beautifully with a Burgundy wine. Various caviar selections are also available as well as Normandy oysters. The cold seafood tower complete with oysters, scallop ceviche, king crab, prawns, and other seafood delights will be the perfect option for a less heavy meal.


The concept of Coya was born in Peru. When chef Sanjay Dwivedi traveled to the South American country for inspiration in 2012, he found an array of flavors during his year-long journey and was inspired by the country’s diverse culinary heritage. With several locations around the globe, the Dubai restaurant simply cannot be overlooked. After opening, it was one of the most talked-about restaurants in the city. Bringing the spirit of Incan heritage to the Middle East, the restaurant offers exceptional Peruvian fusion cuisine in a stunning setting. Rich, vibrant, and luxurious colors like deep tones of blue, gold, and brown dominate the interiors together with wrought iron elements truly bringing the South American spirit with full force. Food-wise Coya celebrates the sharing concept offering small plates and while this concept might have been slightly overused during recent years, it’s easy to fall for it all over again, when dining at Coya – it really is that good! It’s remarkable how many options of Peruvian sashimi and ceviche dishes Coya offers – salmon, sea bass, yellowfin tuna, amberjack, red snapper among others. Golden beetroot tossed with goats cheese and hazelnuts, and the charcoal-grilled marinated skewers are not to be missed.


It is impossible to talk about the finest restaurants in Dubai without mentioning Pierchic. With awe-inspiring views across the Arabian Gulf, the restaurant not only offers an exceptional seafood menu with a Mediterranean flair, but a setting that is like no other in Dubai. With views of the Burj Al-Arab Jumeirah and The Palm, you can’t really wish for a better atmosphere. The talented team at Pierchic is lead by the acclaimed British chef Rosalind Parsk and only the finest ingredients from across the world are used in the timeless menu. Generous portions of oysters and caviar, lobster and scallops are what you will want to be feasting on here.


A restaurant with a fascinating and enchanting name – Enigma! A part of the dazzling Palazzo Versace, the restaurant features an imaginative Persian-inspired menu created by the acclaimed Michelin-starred chef Mansour Memarian. Enigma has been a part of Dubai dining scene since 2016, but a new, revamped concept was introduced in 2018 drawing inspiration on the chef’s Iranian roots. The menu is full of light, uncomplicated and well-known dishes, meant for sharing. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy the heartwarming cuisine as the warm air from the Arabian Gulf sets the scene. A mesmerizing variety of herbs and spices meet with fresh and ripe vegetables and chargrilled flavors. Tender lamb enhanced with saffron and luscious meat ragout are deffinitely among the stand out dishes but make sure you try the seafood offer too – the pan-fried wild seabass or the saffron-marinated king prawns.

Social by Heinz Beck

Social by Heinz Beck is a contemporary Italian restaurant run by the 3-star Michelin Chef Heinz Beck. Located within the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, the interior is refreshingly down-to-Earth – relaxed yet elegant. The world-acclaimed chef is known to infuse everything with an innovative and refreshing approach to well-loved flavors and dishes. One of the restaurant’s signature dishes is the fagotelli carbonara — veal marinated in yogurt and finished with peach coulis and tiramisu. In a true Italian fashion, you can expect to start your evening with aromatic, freshly homebaked breads and an indulgent plate of amuse-bouches. The restaurant’s pure perfection approach to Italian cuisine which has remained top-notch has earned Social several awards throughout the years.

Lauma Breeze

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