Top 5 Restaurants in Geneva: Michelin-praised Excellence with World Flavors and Swiss Quality

Geneva is all about pleasing the senses. Be it visual stimuli, taking in the picturesque setting and treating yourself to a stay in some of the world’s finest hotels, relaxing in rooftop spas complete with views of the Mont Blanc, or indulging in the finest culinary creations not only in the country but in all of Europe. We all know about the exquisite Swiss chocolate and cheese, but it’s within the finest restaurants where the true magic unfolds. Michelin-starred teams of chefs let their imagination roam free while preparing unbelievably flavorsome creations and contemporary dining additions bring in a fresh flair of world cooking. In Geneva, you can really find it all, but to truly enjoy the best, you have to know where to look. In our guide to dining in Geneva, we’ll look at 5 of the top restaurants you will not want to miss.

Chez Philippe

New York City meets Geneva at this beautifully-designed and acclaimed grill house located on the fantastic Passage des Lions. You are instantly met with an intuitively designed space, where the spacious loft aesthetic meets with the edginess of classic steakhouses. Its distinct style, however, exudes warmth and is perfectly welcoming for a dinner of prime cuts, gorgeous Argentinian Malbec and hours-long conversations. As any established grill house, Chez Philippe is all about embracing one of the prime elements – fire. All cuts are grilled over beech wood charcoal known for its qualities in providing healthier cooking and a leaner, lighter, gourmet experience. As a result, you can enjoy new levels of flavor added to your protein. Using only the finest cuts from outstanding suppliers, it’s all about freshness and perfection. Even if you’re not after meat, you’ll find your desires satisfied as the menu features mouthwatering lobster, sea and freshwater fish, and more. Start your evening with classics like a New York shrimp cocktail or a rich foie gras terrine, before you continue with something like a prime Swiss Veal Tomahawk sharer for 2 people and finish off with a fine cheese selection or a dessert.

Il Lago

Il Lago is one of the main players in the Geneva dining scene. The Michelin-starred Italian restaurant finds its home in Geneva’s opulent Four Seasons hotel and the frescoed dining room is well-worth mentioning on its own. Led by the acclaimed Sorrento-born Chef Sena, Il Lago celebrates delicate flavors of the Italian kitchen that are light and subtle but oh so very fragrant and comforting. Altogether, Il Lago is an exemplary Michelin-starred restaurant where impeccable service leads the way to delicately-prepared dishes that both surprise and satisfy. Travel the world of flavors as you savor every bite of a well-balanced sensation. Ingredients scented with lemon and herbs come together to form a unique take on the Italian cuisine.

Les Armures

At the very heart of Geneva’s Old Town you will find the charming, recently renovated Restaurant Les Armures, located in the historic hotel of the same name that dates back to the 13th century. Rustic charm with sentimental 17th-century furnishings, mosaic-tiled bar and antique archways lead the way to wooden décor and exposed stonework which sets the scene for a remarkable evening of a sensational and sophisticated gourmet experience where you can expect to taste traditional Swiss cuisine of the highest quality. The hearty menu features local specialties, including schübling, raclette and fondue, together with a range of soups, pastas, meat and fish dishes. The warm and welcoming atmosphere awakens the senses that resemble a cozy alpine chalet.

Le Neptune

Seasonally-inspired dishes lead the way to culinary excitement at Le Neptune, a restaurant featured on the prominent Michelin Guide for 2019. A talented team of chefs offers balanced and close to nature cuisine, which is also creative, innovative and unconventional. The restaurant is located near to the lake shore and the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices – a former power station turned concert hall. With its Scandinavian-inspired decor, Le Neptune has a focus on healthy, nature-based dishes that display locally-sourced organic produce, complete with delicious homemade sourdough bread. Alfresco dining is also available during the nicer months on the small terrace. The menu changes often as the team behind Le Neptune strives to deliver only the most creative dishes created with seasonal produce. Guests have an option to choose the best dishes “à la carte”, or to opt for the Carte Blanche menu where the team composes a special menu in which tastes and textures are perfectly balanced.

La Bottega

Another beautiful and contemporary restaurant earning praise from Michelin and earning 1 Michelin star is the Italian-inspired La Bottega. The dishes are inspired by the Italian tradition and are reimagined through a contemporary prism. You find refined dishes which remember the past, mixing flavors & fragrance. The restaurant offers an experience for all the senses, combining food, wine and atmosphere. This beautiful restaurant is located at the heart of Geneva, a mere few steps from the Grand Theatre and the Old Town. La Bottega fits flawlessly with the atmosphere of the place, among the beautiful buildings embellished with stucco and wrought iron elements. With a modern and intelligent design, the space was created with recycled materials by acclaimed Italian architects and craftsmen. Simplicity and minimalism are key and warm and the welcoming experience for gourmet-appreciating guests is nothing short of perfect. Choose from a menu of 7, 9 or 12 dishes and get ready for the culinary journey of a lifetime.

Lauma Breeze

Ever since reading In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne in her childhood, Lauma has been fascinated by all things travel. From sailing as well as exploring nature inland to continuously being fascinated by cities and cultures worldwide, she conveys her passion and inquisitive nature in writing.

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