Top 5 Restaurants in Melbourne – Fine-Dining Haven, Revamped Spaces, and Skillful Culinary Creations

When thinking of dining in Melbourne, what are the first things that come to mind? Let’s be honest – you don’t really hear about Australian cuisine on an everyday basis, do you? This, however, doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of exceptional dining options in one of Australia’s favorite cities Melbourne. A wide range of cuisines and culinary techniques come together in down under’s second largest city, and the result is truly stunning – featuring one of the world’s most renowned fine dining restaurants as well as an exceptional Italian restaurant dating back to the 1920s, there’s something here for everyone, even for the pickiest diners. Carefully-selected fine and seasonal ingredients feature on all menus, but it is in each of the restaurant’s unique characters that the true magic begins and we greatly encourage you to take full advantage of what the city has to offer.


One of the most renowned and celebrated restaurants not only in Melbourne but in all of Australia is the fine-dining restaurant Attica, which has been named one of the 50 best restaurants in the world from as far back as 2010. The restaurant rose to prominence after chef Ben Shewry took over a previously failing establishment and fully revamped the place. While the restaurant celebrates culinary highlights from across the world, there are beautiful homages to its home country – some more subtle than others, but beautifully woven into the very concept of this excellent dining spot. And it’s not just the highly sought-after menu that impresses, the design is also outstanding – boasting an almost Scandinavian look, it is a forward-thinking fine dining restaurant that isn’t afraid of being bold and trying new and innovative approaches. The menu is refreshing, including a pearl that has been cooked in paperbark, hand-picked crab with wattle bread, grilled marron with desert lime and bunya bunya.

Cutler & Co

We always love trying out new restaurants that not only shine with an excellent offer but also stands out with a unique concept or location. Cutler & Co. is one such place as it finds its home in an old metal works factory and it doesn’t shy away from its industrial past. Cutler & Co. is a refreshing addition to the Melbourne fine dining scene with its almost casual approach to an excellent gourmet experience. Before showing the tricks up their sleeves, the chefs have their guests enjoying oysters and caviar at the bar, and then move on to gorgeous protein-heavy dishes like various fish paired with seasonal vegetables and topped off with surprising flavors like sorrel and dandelion. The Chef’s Selection menu offers the chance for the whole table to share a beautifully delicious experience through some of the best seasonal ingredients cooked to perfection.

Eureka 89

Dining above the dazzling lights of the city with views that stretch as far as the eye can see – now that’s something. Usually, every city offers at least one such place and in Melbourne, it’s Eureka 89. Located on the top floor of the grand Eureka Tower and offering floor-to-ceiling windows of Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay, Eureka 89 is known for its truly outstanding dining experience but it’s worth noting that unlike other restaurants, booking ahead is not only recommended, it’s mandatory. For most diners, the recommended dining time is between 2.5 – 4 hours and we gladly accept it – wouldn’t you want to gaze out and see the sky change colors as you enjoy an amazing meal in one of the best restaurants in Melbourne? We’re not complaining! Choose between a 5 or a 7-course meal with or without select paired wines, but either way – you will be impressed.

Grossi Florentino

Creative and comforting – such are the beautifully-prepared dishes at Melbourne’s finest Italian fine dining location Grossi Florentino. While the venue itself has been known in Melbourne since the 1920s, Grossi Florentino exists as we know it now since the late nineties, when the Grossi family took over managing the business. Since then, the restaurant has flourished as never before with a new, fine-dining mindset. The menu is full of expensive yet understandably-so dishes that stay true to their Italian roots and the execution is perfect each time. Moreover, Grossi Florentino is the perfect place for wine aficionados – the drinks menu alone is 64-pages long focusing mostly on Italian wines, as you’d expect. A rustic Italian flair meets European fine dining in this historic restaurant and what’s more – the menu changes seasonally.


Easily standing out from the crowd, Lûmé might be an unexpected yet completely deserving addition to this list of best restaurants in Melbourne. Offering high-end dining focusing on contemporary dining, Lûmé appeared on the Melbourne restaurant map not so long ago in 2015. Eccentricity has always been at the very heart of this restaurant as the building itself once used to house a burlesque club. Now it is buzzing with life as diners from all across Melbourne, Australia, and worldwide arrive here for a stunning 3, 5 or 7-course meal. The seasonally-changing menu features well-loved ingredients like BBQ-glazed pork, smoked bass, and calamari, but what’s more – the restaurant also offers an equally-impressive 7-course vegan menu with wonderful additions of hemp, shiitake mushrooms, heirloom veggies, and fresh sea succulents.

Lauma Breeze

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