Without a doubt, Italy is at the very epicenter of great food and remains one of the world’s undisputed culinary capitals. Traditions perfected through generations, as well as a love and appreciation for fresh high-quality ingredients, dominate the Italian gastronomic scene. Milan, being the north Italian metropolis that it is, is packed with delightful restaurants that not only celebrate the Italian culinary tradition but also take the best influences from world cuisine. Take a look at our pick of the top five restaurants in Milan.

Felix Lo Basso Restaurant

Felix Lo Basso

Milan is full of iconic locations and old palazzos. A restaurant located at the very heart of Piazza del Duomo and basking in the glory of one Michelin star is a place you really cannot miss. Felix Lo Basso Restaurant sits on the top floor of the TownHouse Duomo hotel. An unforgettable view, nearly within a hand’s reach, of the spectacular Milan Cathedral, awaits the restaurant guests. An intimate atmosphere in the monochromatic interior welcomes 60 guests; there are 35 seats inside and 25 on the terrace.

Head chef Felice Lo Basso acquired a Michelin star back in 2011. To this day he creates masterpieces that combine tradition and imagination. Above all, it’s a celebration of the highest quality ingredients and freshness. From delicate seafood options on the starter menu to the world’s best beef – Kobe – on the mains menu, the food is there to impress. Three tasting menus offer a chance to explore sceneries hand-picked by the chef. Dive into the flavors of Puglia, taste the freshness of the sea, or immerse yourself in 8 contrasting flavors imagined by Felice Lo Basso.

IYO Milan


You don’t need to go traveling to the East to find an oriental haven. IYO Milan embodies the elegance and the culinary excellence inspired by the East. The name, derived from the Japanese word ukiyo, means the floating world. The moment you step inside, you can feel elevated. This Michelin-star restaurant is everything but ordinary. The best chefs from Europe and Japan create masterpieces on the plate that tickle your taste buds. The restaurant takes pride in sourcing only the finest ingredients. The preparation methods enhance the quality of the ingredients and don’t interrupt the natural balance.

Head chef Michele Biassoni leads his team on a journey of culinary perfection, and the guests can enjoy it through the open kitchen before tasting what arrives at their table. Like other restaurants in Milan, the place features an ultra-luxurious space, which was designed by Carlo Samarati and his team, and beautifully plays with textures, lights and dark yet soft accents. On the Sakana Ryori menu, you will find exceptional fish dishes, while the Omakase tasting menu reflects the restaurant’s culinary philosophy the best. Considering that everything at IYO is harmonious, the team will advise the best food and drink pairings; here it doesn’t just stop with wine.

VUN Andrea Aprea

VUN Andrea Aprea

There’s no shortage of international credentials among the restaurants in Milan. VUN Andrea Aprea is a two-star Michelin restaurant located in the Park Hyatt Milan hotel. The intimate atmosphere in the restaurant, designed by the architect Flaviano Capriotti, serves two purposes – let the food tell the story and allow the guests to have an uninterrupted experience of culinary distinction.

Chef Andrea Aprea’s key strengths are technique and innovation that blend with the tradition of Italian cooking where the seasonal menu honors simplicity in an accomplished way. The Neapolitan Itinerary tasting menu features the best of the menu and wine pairing by a sommelier. Among the mains, you will find incredible fish and meat, unpretentious and delicately cooked. Salt cod, turbot, black pork, and pigeon are only some of the options. The restaurant offers a private dining experience for groups of up to 10 people.

da Vic

da Vic Ristorante Guerrini

A trip to Milan wouldn’t be complete without enjoying fine dining in a place that celebrates the buzzing Italian nature. da Vic Ristorante Guerrini is always packed (make reservations at least a few weeks in advance) with people, who appreciate coming together and enjoying great food, wine, and company. The warm and welcoming atmosphere is a signature of this place.

The chef, Vic, lets his culinary vision shine through flavors, perfumes, and textures of the Mediterranean seafood tradition. The menu is short but impressive, and that is what keeps the guests coming back. Zucchini flower starter is an Italian classic that everyone should have at least once in their life. The sea carousel offers a variety of seafood bites that nobody can resist. The main courses consist of fish of the day, as well as a wild fish roll, and octopus.



Part of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Milan, Seta is the two Michelin-starred restaurant that everyone is talking about. Head chef Antonio Guida leads his team on a journey creating a contemporary take on Italian cuisine. The restaurant is located in the hotel’s second courtyard. Palazzo-style surroundings are perfect for dining outside during the warmer months. The visible kitchen gives restaurant patrons the chance to witness the buzzing nature of a Michelin-starred restaurant. The interior inside the restaurant is elegant with beautiful dark teal accents.

On the menu, you will find influences from the chef’s native southern Italy as well as references to Tuscany and France. To enjoy the complete journey, opt for the tasting menu which features the finest dishes by Seta. From oysters to blue lobster, hummus-stuffed ravioli, and delicate pigeon breast. The wine list is nothing short of impressive, highlighting Italian wines and champagnes.